He’ll Be 1 Before You Know It

Houston’s first birthday is a week from today! Can you believe it? I cannot wrap my head around the fact that it was nearly a year ago when, after 32 painful hours of labor and 4 of pushing, our beloved Houston came into this world. The first year is such an amazing time, with our boy going from such a helpless little creature to independent boy in such a seemingly short period. We couldn’t imagine life without him … and soon we’ll feel the same way about the twins. It’s difficult to comprehend that we could love any other child as much as we love Houston, but by this November, our house will be filled with triple the love and joy!

Playing in the pool with Daddy in June 2008.  

On the pregnancy front, I had my last check-up on June 11. I had only gained a pound, but I was 10 pounds heavier at the beginning of this pregnancy than I was with Houston, so that’s no big deal; there’s plenty of fat to go around. Plus, now that I’m over my first-trimester nauseousness, I’m back to my old eating habits — quite healthy, to say the least. My uterus, however, was measuring large, which the doc says is totally normal with twins. Baby A (I suppose that would be Lefty, since he/she is located on my left side) had a heartbeat of 160 beats per minute and Baby B (Pancho) came in at a whopping 164. We will find out the gender of the twins on July 8 and my Clan Dillingham readers will be the first to know the news, so keep posted.

Also, I officially felt Pancho move on June 15 (he/she was saying, “Happy Father’s Day!” to Stephen) and Lefty move on June 16. There has been much activity since then, especially at night, as well as more cervical and uterine twinges than there were this early on in my last pregnancy. Again, the doc says this is to be expected with multiples. 

Hangin' with Adam (and the gun safe) in June 2008.

Here’s the lowdown on Houston’s recent happenings: 

  • Mommy and Daddy finally saw Houston take steps on June 1. He still isn’t walking per se, but he is taking 2-3 steps many times throughout the day, cruising like a champ, and of course, crawling around like a mad man. 
  • His pal, Gracie, taught him to clap his hands on June 4. Now he voluntarily claps to music and to some of his own stellar accomplishments — humble he is not.
  • Houston is obsessed with water! We bought a kiddie pool and have been playing in that on some of the hotter days. We have also been to a public pool on a couple of occasions with our neighbor, Heather, and her kids. There’s an area there that features geysers, sprinklers, trickles and lots of other aquatic-based fun for the kids. Houston thinks it’s great! 

Playing with Aunt Lisa in June 2008.  

  • “Uncle” Adam visited the family for a few days late last week. He helped out with feeding and playing with Houston, so that Mommy could run some errands.
  • On June 13, Houston had a play date at his friend Mason’s house. They frolicked inside and then headed outdoors to tackle Mason’s sandbox. Houston also slid down Mason’s sliding board with Mommy’s help. He was cautiously intrigued by the new activity. Check out the pics of that outing by clicking here.
  • Then Aunt Lisa visited over the weekend, so that Mommy could accomplish some long-standing items on her to-do list. Houston instantly bonded with his auntie, who constantly entertained him outdoors and taught him about leaves, plants, acorns, bees and ants. Houston got a weird poison ivy-looking rash that day, although it wasn’t the dreaded weed, thankfully. The rash never seemed to bother him and it’s almost totally healed. Click here to see pics of Lisa’s visit.
  • And yesterday, Houston and I babysat his pal, Jamie. He thinks she is one of the coolest things since sliced bread. So, he had a ball hanging out with her, exploring every nook and cranny of her house and drawing outside with her sidewalk chalk.

Playing in Mason's sandbox in June 2008.

We’ll have many fun and sunny pictures to share with you once we return from the beach. Till then, you can check out all the June photos.

“Mom, Dad: I Have a Drinking Problem”

Yes, Houston would drink formula, juice and/or water all day long, if he could. You’ve never seen a baby chug from a sippy cup the way our son does; there’s lots of drama involved, including heavy gulps, gasps for air, intense baby talk about the drinking taking place and lots of sippy cup salutes (when he holds the cup up high, waving it in the air, as if he has conquered the drink within). I’ll get some video of it and hopefully Stephen will figure out how to put it up on the site soon thereafter.

Houston's first time solo swinging in late May 2008. 

Houston went solo swinging for the first time on May 31. It took us a while to actually find a swing, since the two closest elementary schools didn’t have them; my guess is that it must have something to do with an overprotective parent and a frivolous lawsuit. However, we found a nice swing set at a nearby church. He was totally fearless, as usual, and had a ball swinging in the warm breeze.

Other news:

  • On May 23, a fourth tooth popped through his bottom gums, making his total teeth count a whopping eight.
  • Granny and Grumps visited over Memorial Day weekend, and Houston took his first steps with Granny on May 26, which just so happened to be his 11-month birthday. Unfortunately, Mommy and Daddy were trying to catch up on their sleep during this momentous occasion, but they finally got to see Houston take a few steps on June 1. He’ll be walking before we know it!
  • Also on May 26, Houston experienced his first time in a pool. It was kind of short-lived, since our neighbor’s pool is pretty big and Mommy didn’t have on her suit, but he ended up liking it nonetheless. He has since been back in the neighbor’s pool with Daddy and has been swimming in his own new pool a couple of times with Mommy.
  • On May 27, Mommy and Houston were playing in the back yard, when Houston made his way over to the deck stairs. Before Mommy knew it, her boy was effortlessly climbing up the stairs and made it all the way to the top. Mommy was in awe. Houston has since repeated the amazing feat, but with Mommy spotting him these times.

Houston showing his Scottish pride in May 2008.

  • On May 28, we had another scare. This time, Houston got his chubby right leg stuck in his crib above the knee. I was unsure if I could pull it out without injuring his knee cap. I didn’t know what to do, and as I stressed, so did Houston, crying and writhing about. I was going to saw the crib, but I didn’t want to leave Houston alone to go get the saw from our shed, and I didn’t want to kick the crib, for fear of hurting Houston. So after making a number of panicky phone calls to neighbors, Stephen and Gramsey, I knew I had to deal with this myself and that I’d better do something fast. So, I greased up Houston’s leg with Vaseline and shimmied his leg upward toward the ceiling. I don’t what is was about this vertical position — perhaps it was gravity or just the angle — but I freed my boy from the torturous position. He was a bit shaken, as was I and, of course, everyone I had called, but he was fine after a little ice and a lot of TLC. 
  • Speaking of chubby legs, Houston is one large boy. It’s not that he’s so much portly as he is long, long, long. He can wear 18-month shirts and shorts, but his onesies and PJs must be 24-month or else I can’t button them up. I did an unofficial weight check the other day and Houston came in at a massive 26 pounds. No wonder my arms are so buff!

All the late May photos are now up and ready to view in Gallery (the flag-waving and swinging pics are on the last couple of pages).