We’re on Russian TV!

When in the old city of Suzdal during our great Russian vacation last winter, I was interviewed by a reporter from Vesti news service. She was supposed to contact me on Facebook when the piece came out but never did. Stephen just recently stumbled upon it, and the kids and I are seen from 1:55 to 2:20. (I guess she thought I was from Wisconsin since my page shows I graduated from UW-Madison.)

The entire video’s interesting and highlights many of the ancient and medieval historic Christian sites we visited along the incredible Golden Circle. The funny thing, though, is that reporter and her cameraman followed us around and talked with me for a good 20 minutes, yet my one translated pull quote was “The architecture is tremendous.” Classic. The reporter was quite surprised that we were Americans AND new converts to Orthodoxy, which is the most intriguing angle, in my opinion. But I suppose the story was more about tourism, not faith. Oh well. Still super cool.