Jade The GREAT!!!

By Gabe
November 15 2019

This is a video of us and Jade playing fetch with her lost squeaky ball.
Here is Jade with a bandana we got her.
This is Jade the first day we got her.

Our dog Jade is a Black German Shepherd. She has many toys, such as two bones, three ropes, a big purple ball, a ball that you can put treats inside, and an emoji. She used to have a kong (a kong is something that you put peanut butter inside), a squeaky ball, and a squeaky bone, but she ate the squeaky bone and we lost the kong and the squeaky ball. My brothers and I walk her every day, and normally my mom and dad take her on a walk, too. Even though Jade is usually a good girl, she is sometimes naughty. Jade ate a big block of cheese and some sausage off the counter. Jade also gets into the trash. I think she weighs about 60 pounds and she would probably be as tall as me if she was standing only on her back two legs. We’ve taught her lots of tricks like sit, down, stay, dirty laundry (which is where we make her put clothes in the laundry basket), up, which hand, leave, and speak. We got Jade in February 2019 from Jett’s Legacy and she’s two years old and she’ll be three on December 16. Jade is a really good girl and a fun blessing to our house.

The Fierce Fighting For His Father

A strategic map of the battle of Thermopylae

By Gabe
October 29, 2018

Although there were countless wars in ancient times, the Second Persian War is famous because it was filled with intrigue. In 480 B.C., Xerxes who was bratty, belligerent, and brash selfishly, tried to conquer Athens finishing his father’s failed try at vanquishing the prestigious city. So, Xerxes organized an enormous army. Because Greece needed to defeat Persia, all the city-states including Sparta joined together. Both Greece and Persia fought at a key point called Thermopylae for three days largely due to the efforts of the 300 brave Spartan warriors until a Greek traitor told Xerxes about a secret mountain passage. So the Greeks lost the battle, but it gave the populace of Athens time to flee. Xerxes and his men reached Athens, which had been deserted, so the Persian invaders burnt it. A Greek man pretended to be a traitor and gave Xerxes terrible advice, convincing the king to lure his ships into a trap. After the devastating battle, Xerxes bellowed irately, “Drop dead, you darn Greeks!” This fierce war for Xerxes’ father will forever be remembered in ancient history.

Majestic Ancient Architecture

The Ziggurat of Chonga Zanbil

By Zeke Dillingham
November 12, 2019

The adroit ancients built numerous stunning buildings, such as the Colosseum in Rome, the Pyramids of Giza, and the great Ishtar Gate of Babylon, which was even adorned with dazzling blue and gold creatures. These primitive people were extremely intelligent and skilled at fashioning amazing structures, like the Sumerian Ziggurats, and the elaborate statues of the Greek gods. Incredibly advanced for their time these historic craftsmen were clever, filling the ancient world with majestic wonders.