Summertime at Granny’s

We didn’t take any pictures in the mountains, but this my Granny and me baking cookies at Christmas.

Summertime at Granny’s
By Zeke

My brothers and I went to my Granny’s mountain house from July 13-15. I had the most fun at an old gem mine. Because my Granny can’t walk too good, we didn’t go into the mine. But we had a really good time and panned for minerals from a barrel of rocks the miners had already gotten from the mountains. We bought a bucket and looked for treasure.

We went to an old church in Crossnore and saw a mural. Surprisingly, we met a friendly lady, who played piano and had professionally recorded some of her own music. She even gave us some of her discs!

Here’s the mural we saw at the Sloop Chapel, and it was painted by Benjamin F. Long, IV.

Since we didn’t get to do fireworks on Independence Day, we did them that night. My Granny let us light the fireworks, but the lighter went out, so we had to use a lit skewer.

On the trip back home, we stopped by the Mast General Store, and we got a bucket full of candy! People were nice there and we hope to go back soon.

My Granny fell and hurt herself, but she’s doing better. We hope she recovers quickly!

2 thoughts on “Summertime at Granny’s

  1. Well, this was very interesting, Zeke. The visit to the mine sounds like a lot fun.

    I’m so sorry that Granny fell and hurt herself. I hope she is doing better.

    I would like to visit the Mast General Store; I want a bucket full of candy!!
    Keep up the good writing and keeping me informed of your activities.

    Love you,

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