Crab cooking

Here’s the finished product of the yummy crabs Papa and I cooked!

Crab cooking
By Zeke

My family and I went to my Gramsey’s and my Papa’s house from July 13-15. Most of my relatives live there in Richmond, so they all came over for a party!

I was my Papa’s assistant for cooking crabs. It’s a family tradition to cook crabs, and I seasoned them. I put on the Old Bay, ground mustard, and salt until I spilled too much salt on them.

These were blue crabs from the Rappahannock River, which connects up with the Chesapeake Bay. (By the way, when we seasoned the crabs, they were still alive!)

We were almost ready to start cooking when a crab pinched me. My Papa had to get it off and put it in the cooker.

Finally, we started to eat the crabs. When you eat them, you have to peel the shell off the legs and then you find the white meat and eat it. You pull the legs off from the main part of the body, open the shell, get out the guts, and devour the meat!

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  1. Wow! Zeke, this a really good story. You make readers know what a good time you were having, except when you got bitten. Papa really enjoyed it too. You need to come back soon and we can have crabs again. We need to do this before Ol’ Man Winter arrives.
    Thanks for sharing this story with us.
    Love, Gramsey & Papa

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