An Eternally Remembered King

An Eternally Remembered King
By Zeke
September 24, 2018

Gilgamesh, who was the king of Urek, was a strong and brave ruler, but he was not content. He crossed the stunning Euphrates River, enormous deserts, and climbed vastly huge cliffs to find the man who could tell him about the plant of life. Gilgamesh learned that the life-giving twig was in the sea, so he started the drastically long journey to find it to henceforth live forever.

On his boat, Gilgamesh could smell the salt from the ocean and saw a radiant glow in the water. He determinedly jumped in and grabbed the shrub, which was covered with prickly thorns. As the king was traveling home, he could feel the dripping sweat on his hairy body, sense the mist from a nearby river, and stopped to take a swim in a pond. He put the plant on a rock, but a slick slithering serpent sucked up the slimy shrub and shed its scary scales. Gilgamesh was in despair! He decided to go back to Urek.

Just then an eagle majestically swooped down and took Gilgamesh on his back, showing him the city he’d made great from the sky. The bird, who was wise and kind, said the king would not have eternal life, but that he would live forever in the hearts of his people.

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