Rome’s Skilled Builders

The ruins of the Colosseum

By Gabriel
January 28, 2019

Because Ancient Rome prospered greatly in engineering, it was extremely advanced for its time. Amazingly, the Romans who created ingenious aqueducts that brought fresh water into the city, also constructed 50,000 miles of roads. Conquering different towns, the Romans would build a pathway from that town back to their own stunning city. They also had a structure called the Colosseum, named after the colossal statue of Nero. It held 50,000 to 80,000 people. Inside, the citizens, like hungry wolves thirsting for blood, watched animal hunts, gladiator fights, and public executions. The Circus Maximus was an arena and a racetrack that fit 250,000 fans, making it twice the size as the largest stadium today. Countless Roman structures lasted for centuries because they used special long-lasting concrete. Interestingly, parts of the aqueducts, roads, and the Colosseum are still standing in 2019! Engineering feats helped make Rome one of the most magnificent civilizations ever. Since the ancient Romans were so skilled at building, their empire last for remarkably a long time.

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