Concepts of Cash

I stand inside my company, Regions Bank.

By Houston
January 22, 2020

While other children were relaxing at their homes during Christmas break, my brothers and I participated in a Junior Achievement program called BizTown. Leading up to the event, there were three classes of preparation in which students learned how to balance a checkbook, write checks, and many other important skills. We were interviewed for the job of our choice. Fortunately, I was hired as CFO at Regions Bank, which was the position I wanted. There were also a myriad of different companies which sold unique products and services. 

On the day of BizTown, we drove to Charlotte, which is where the simulation was held. When I walked into the town I found my business and met up with my fellow co-workers. Since I was Chief Financial Officer, I was responsible for paying my employees, paying the bills, and managing the money. There were four periods of activity. 1. Get your business started. 2. Eat lunch. 3. Buy from other businesses. 4. Work. But of course some people had different periods to keep the city running smoothly. After all the periods were completed, that marked the end of the day. Some awards were announced and my brother’s company, Woodforest Bank, even got the best business award.

After the day was over my brothers and I pose in front the door into BizTown.

BizTown was a phenomenal experience. It was both fun and educational, teaching me how to spend and save my money wisely, how to become a valuable member of a community, and what it takes to run a business. I had an amazing day, and I look forward to learning more concepts of cash next year.

2 thoughts on “Concepts of Cash

  1. So proud of you Houston! Maybe after this experience you will choose your Granny’s career path. I worked in financial institutions for 40 years! Love you and so proud of you.


  2. Houston, Your Concepts of Cash post is absolutely amazing. Your writing is better than a lot of what I read by professionals.
    You cannot imagine how proud Papa and I are of you and your brothers. While handing out well deserved praise we cannot forget the education you and your brothers are receiving from your Mom. We are SO proud of
    her too!!
    Keep up the good work. It will definitely pay off. Not just monetarily but with self esteem.
    Love you all more than words can express!! Gramsey & Papa

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