The Untrustworthy Child

This is what Edmund deserves for being a selfish jerk.

By Gabe
February 5, 2020

I believe that Edmund should not have followed the White Witch because of these three reasons: she was against Aslan, he was in a new world, and she was mean. 

Obviously, Edmund shouldn’t have accompanied the evil Witch for she was an enemy to the virtuous Aslan. Some people could say that the thing he heard about her was a rumor and why would you believe some animals in a forest. But all of Edmund’s siblings, especially Lucy who was exceedingly trustworthy, thought that the Witch was sinister.

If you had just come out of a wardrobe and entered into a snowy forest where a devilish Witch and a strange dwarf told you to get into a sledge, you probably wouldn’t go in a ride with foreigners. Edmund shouldn’t have trusted the White Witch. The only reason he did was because he was mad at his siblings and wanted to be king. If he hadn’t been resentful of Lucy, he wouldn’t have been captured.

Finally, the Witch was vile to Edmund and the dwarf. When he first arrived at the sledge, the half-giant, washed-out woman was berating the dwarf and being cruel to Edmund. However, when she saw he was a human, she was nice to him and offered him Turkish Delight. The selfish boy shouldn’t have taken food from a stranger, most notably one who had been insulting him a few seconds earlier.

Edmund was a fool to even go up to her sledge and eat the food that the Witch tempted him with. He had heard good things about Aslan and heard that she was bad. Since she was mean then nice, a person could clearly see the witch was manipulative. Therefore, Edmund was an untrustworthy child who should not have followed the White Witch.

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  1. This story has many important lessons for us. I think one is making bad judgment calls when we are angry. You were very insightful with your analysis.
    And I am so, so happy that I can comment on your site again.
    Your writing is amazing!
    Love you 😍

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