The Strongest Empire Ever

This is a painting of Romulus and Remus fighting while building Rome.

March 11, 2020 
By Zeke

The greatest empire in human history also has an unbelievable beginning. When they were just infants, Romulus and Remus were taken by their wicked uncle and thrown onto the sandy shores of the Tiber River because he wanted to stop the boys from ever ruling. Legend has it that the twins were gallantly rescued by a fearsome wolf and raised by a shepherd. They started constructing a colossal city near seven towering mounds. Shockingly, Romulus gruesomely killed Remus and he soon became king of the amazing city Rome.

Like a flower, the village of Latin-speaking shepherds blossomed and grew under the rule of Romulus. The clever king eventually named the town Rome after himself. Quickly, the city soon became enormous, and at its peak, the Roman Empire expanded its territories over the whole known world. Despite its strange roots, Rome was one of the largest and strongest empires ever.

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  1. I didn’t realize that was how Rome got its name. Were these brothers real people or mythical characters?
    Nice writing. Keep up the good work! I enjoy reading these posts from you and your brothers.
    💕 Love Gramsey and Papa

    Ps… remember to wash your hands!

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