Constantine: The First Christian Emperor

This is Constantine’s vision before the battle

March 19, 2020
By Zeke

Who is this man and why is he exalted by Christians? Constantine the Great became emperor of the Roman Empire around A.D. 300. Before a bloody battle in Rome, Constantine had a vision of a cross, so he faithfully ordered the legion of soldiers to paint crosses on their shields. Constantine’s army won in a gallant triumph, even though the enemy’s army was twice their size.

To celebrate, a towering and colossal monument, called the Arch of Constantine, was fashioned at the battlefield. Amazingly, it still stands today. After his victory, Constantine signed the Edict of Milan, which stated that Christians would be free to practice their religion unharmed. Although he was not baptized till on his deathbed, Constantine is still praised for being the first Christian Emperor.  

2 thoughts on “Constantine: The First Christian Emperor

  1. Zeke, This is an amazing story. I did not know that Constantine wasn’t baptized until he was on his deathbed.
    Interesting too is winning that bloody battle in Rome with half as many soldiers.
    Your post is very interesting as always. Keep up the good work. Papa and I are so proud of you.
    Love 💕 you, Gramsey & Papa

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