Providing Value

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March 30, 2020
By Zeke

When someone starts a business, it isn’t easy. You have to think of creative ways to improve other people’s lives. In the book, “The Tuttle Twins and Their Spectacular Show Business,” Ethan and Emily attempted to become entrepreneurs by starting a family theater, which they wished to provide entertainment for their community.

The Tuttle Twins had to deal with obstacles they hadn’t anticipated, such as location, taxes, and expenses like seats and lights. This was hard for them. But Ethan and Emily saved on costs by getting family and friends to help them out, and buying second-hand materials. For example, the twins’ grandmother let them use her old ballet studio as the theater and Uncle Ben used a projector to make backgrounds, so they didn’t have to build sets.

Surprisingly, the Tuttle Family Theater already had competition after the first show. At first, the twins thought this was a bad thing. However, their parents and grandmother explained to them that competition was healthy. “It pushes you to keep getting better and finding ways to lower your costs,” stated Nana, who gave them money as capital to launch the business.

When the kids started, they didn’t understand how much back-breaking work they would have to do. Although it was difficult, they soon realized that if you put a lot of thought into a business, you can earn a lot of profit. Their theater succeeded because it was different, better, and cheaper than the other theater in town, giving value for customers.

2 thoughts on “Providing Value

  1. Zeke, This story provided so many life lessons.
    Starting a business does indeed take a lot of imagination and hard work.
    As Ethan & Emily discovered, competition made them work harder & come up with innovative ways to improve their business.
    Your writing is excellent and very concise.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with me and Papa.
    Love ❤️ you, Gramsey & Papa

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