The Town With the Immortal Spring

By Zeke
May 20, 2020

In the town of Treegap, there was a 10-year-old girl named Winnie Foster. Winnie was curious and lonely because her parents wouldn’t let her go out of their yard. The Tucks, who lived not too far away, were weirdly immortal, but no one knew this. Winnie decided she would go into the woods beside her house, where she had never gone before. 

Once she got into the forest, she spotted a teenager sitting by a tree. When they saw each other, Winnie and the boy named Jesse had a short conversation. When Winnie found out about a mysterious spring and remarked, “Why can’t I have some water? You just drank some?” Hearing this, Jesse’s face turned pale and he and his family, who had just arrived on galloping horses, kidnapped Winnie.

On the ride to the Tucks’ house, they passed a man in a yellow suit who had talked to Winnie the night before. The Tucks explained that they were immortal and would live forever since they drank from the spring 90 years ago. When the Tucks were about to send Winnie home, the man in the yellow suit tried to take Winnie for his own good because he was going to tell the world about the immortal spring. However, May, Jesse’s mother, hit the man in the yellow suit on the head with a shotgun, killing him and preventing the spread of immortality.

After this, May was sent to jail but Winnie snuck in and took her place. A few days after Winnie got out of jail, Jesse gave Winnie a bottle of the water and said to drink it when she was 17 so they could be together forever. Winnie, who didn’t want to be immortal, gave the water to a toad. Many years later the Tucks came to the town with the immortal spring and found the gravestone of Winnie.

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  1. This is interesting and slightly bizarre. Amazing what the mind can imagine when writing a story. Thank goodness. We get the pleasure of reading these stories.
    Thank you for sharing this with me &Papa.
    Love you 😍 so much
    Gramsey & Papa

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