Modern Countries Part 4

Guyana (South America)

Guyana flag

Capital: Georgetown

Population: 786,391

Size: 83,000 sq. miles

Currency: Guyanese Dollar

Tallest point: Mount Roraima 9,220 feet tall 

Main religion: Christain 63%

Main languages: English, Akawaio, and Macushi

About: In December 1964, England let Guyana vote and hold elections. They voted to become Independent.

St George’s Cathedral in Georgetown, Guyana.

Haiti (North America)

Haiti flag


Population: 11.1 Million

Size: 10,710 sq. miles

Currency: Haitian Gourde

Tallest point: Pic la Selle 8,773 feet tall

Main religion: Christain 86.9% 

Main languages: French, Haitian Creole

About: The Haitian Revolution against the French was from 1791-1804.After the War’s end Haiti gained independence from France.

Palais san Souci, Haiti

Vatican City (Europe)

Vatican City flag

Capital: Vatican City

Population: 825 

Size: 0.19 sq. miles

Currency: Euro

Tallest point: Unnamed Location 250 feet tall 

Main religion: Christain 100% 

Main languages: Italian

About: In 1929, the Italian Government recognized Vatican City as an Independent country.

Vatican City, with view of Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Honduras (North America)

Honduras flag

Capital: Tegucigalpa

Population: 9.5 Million

Size: 43,433 sq. miles

Currency: Lempira

Tallest point: Cerro las Minas 9,420 feet tall

Main religion: Christain 87% 

Main languages: Spanish

About: On September 15, 1821, Honduras gained independence from Spain.

Copan Ruinas, Honduras.

Hungary (Europe)

Hungary flag

Capital: Budapest 

Population: 9.7 Million

Size: 35,920 sq. miles

Currency: Forint

Tallest point: Kékes 3,327 feet tall 

Main religion: Christain 54.3% 

Main languages: Hungarian

About: In 1989, Hungary peacefully became independent from the Soviet Union. 

Danube Monument Budapest, Hungary.

Iceland (Europe)

Iceland flag

Capital: Reykjavik 

Population: 364,134 

Size: 39,682 sq. miles

Currency: Icelandic Krona

Tallest point: Hvannadalshnjúkur 6,922 feet tall

Main religion: Church of Iceland ???% 

Main languages: Icelandic, Polish

About: In 1944, Iceland became independent from Denmark, after 97% voted to be free.

Strokkur Geyser, Iceland.

India (Asia)

India flag

Capital: New Delhi 

Population: 1,352,642,280 (1.3 Billion)

Size: 1,269,216 sq. miles

Currency: Indian rupee

Tallest point: Kangchenjunga 28,169 feet tall

Main religion: Hinduism 79.8% 

Main languages: Hindi, English

About: From 1857-1947 India had an independence movement to end British rule there. On August 5, 1947 India gained its independence.

Taj Mahal in Agra, India.

Indonesia (Asia)

Indonesia flag

Capital: Jakarta

Population: 267.6 Million

Size: 735,358 sq. miles

Currency: Indonesian rupiah 

Tallest point: Puncak Jaya 15,774 feet tall

Main religion: Islam 86.7% 

Main languages: Indonesian, Javanese, Sundanese, and Malay

About: During the Indonesian National Revolution, (1945-1949) they fought against the Dutch for Independence. On August 17, 1949 they gained independence.

Yogykarta, Indonesia.

Iran (Asia)

Iran flag

Capital: Tehran

Population: 83.1 Million

Size: 636,372 sq. miles

Currency: Rial

Tallest point: Mount Damavand 18,403 feet tall

Main religion: Islam 99.4%

Main languages: Persian, Azerbaijani, Qashqai, and Turkmen

About: In 1979, there was a revolution which turned Iran into a Islamic Republic. 

Azadi Tower, Iran.

Iraq (Asia)

Iraq flag

Capital: Baghdad

Population: 38.4 Million

Size: 168,754 sq. miles

Currency: Iraqi Dinar

Tallest point: Cheekha Dar 11,847 feet tall

Main religion: Islam 98% 

Main languages: Arabic, Kurdish, Mandaic, Turkish, Assyrian, and Armenian

About: On October 3, 1932 Iraq gained independence from Britain. 

Saddam’s Specter, Iraq.

Ireland (Europe)

Ireland flag

Capital: Dublin 

Population: 6.5 Million

Size: 32,595 sq. miles

Currency: Euro

Tallest point: Carrauntoohil 3,407 feet tall

Main religion: Christain 78.3% 

Main languages: English, Irish, Ulster Scots, and Shelta

About: From 1916-1921 there were many riots and chaos in Ireland. In 1921, they gained independence from Britain. 

Poulnabrone Dolmen, Ireland.

Israel (Asia)

Israel flag

Capital: Jerusalem  

Population: 9.2 Million

Size: 8,522 sq. mile

Currency: Shekel

Tallest point: Mount Hermon 9,232 feet tall

Main religion: Judaism 74.2% 

Main languages: Hebrew, Arabic

About: In 1949, Israel became independent from Britain. It was formerly part of the British colony of Trans-Jordan. 

Christ’s Tomb in Jerusalem, Israel.

Italy (Europe)

Italy flag

Capital: Rome

Population: 60.3 Million

Size: 116,350 sq. miles

Currency: Euro

Tallest point: Monte Bianco 15,782 feet tall

Main religion: Christain 83.3% 

Main languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, and German

About: After WW2, Italy was made into a Democracy, before being a member of the Axis. 

Colosseum Rome, Italy.

Jamaica (North America)

Jamaica flag

Capital: Kingston

Population: 2.7 Million

Size: 4,244 sq. miles

Currency: Jamaican Dollar

Tallest point: Blue Mountain Peak 7,402 feet tall 

Main religion: Christain 68.9% 

Main languages: English

About: Britain gave Jamaica independence on August 6, 1962. 

Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Japan (Asia)

Japan flag

Capital: Tokyo 

Population: 125.9 Million

Size: 145,937 sq. miles

Currency: Japanese Yen

Tallest point: Mount Fuji 12,389 feet tall

Main religion: Shintoism 80% 

Main languages: Japanese 

About: After WW2 Japan became a territory of the United States of America. It became free on May 3, 1947.

Kami-Goryo Shrine, Japan.

Jordan (Asia)

Jordan flag

Capital: Amman

Population: 10.6 Million

Size: 34,495 sq. miles

Currency: Jordanian Dinar

Tallest point: Umm ad Dami 6,083 feet tall 

Main religion: Islam 95% 

Main languages: Arabic

About: Jordan gained independence along with Israel when they became independent in 1949. 

Petra, Jordan.

Kazakhstan (Asia)

Kazakhstan flag

Capital: Astana (Also known as Nur-Sultan) 

Population: 18.7 Million

Size: 1,052,100 sq. miles

Currency: Tenge

Tallest point: Khan Tengri 7,439 feet tall 

Main religion: Islam 70.2% 

Main languages: Kazakh, Russian

About: On December 16, 1991 during the Dissolution of the Soviet Union (1991-1993) it became independent. 

Bayterek Tower in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Kenya (Africa)

Kenya flag

Capital: Nairobi 

Population: 47.5 Million 

Size: 224,081 sq. miles

Currency: Kenyan Shilling 

Tallest point: Mount Kenya 17,021 feet tall

Main religion: Christain 85.52% 

Main languages: English, Swahili 

About: On December 12, 1963 Britain let Kenya have independence. 

Giraffe in Nairobi National Park in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kiribati (Australia and the Pacific)

Kiribati flag

Capital: South Tarawa 

Population: 123,346 

Size: 313 sq. miles

Currency: Australian Dollar

Tallest point: Banaba 285 feet tall 

Main religion: Christain 96.2% 

Main languages: English, Gilbertese

About: Formerly known as the Gilbert Islands Kiribati was first discovered by Europeans when Captain Thomas Gilbert, found it in 1788 and named it the Gilbert Islands. In 1979, Britain granted Kiribati independence. 

Kiribati Parliment House in South Tarawa, Kiribati.

Korea, North (North Korea) (Asia)

North Korea flag

Capital: Pyongyang 

Population: 25.5 Million 

Size: 46,450 sq. miles

Currency: Korean People’s Won 

Tallest point: Paektu Mountain 9,019 feet tall 

Main religion: None 

Main languages: Korean

About: Before WW2 Korea was under Japanese control and after it was divided in South and North Korea the North Communist and the South Democratic. 

Pyongyang, North Korea

Korea, South (South Korea) (Asia)

South Korea flag

Capital: Seoul 

Population: 51.7 Million 

Size: 38,750 sq. miles

Currency: Korean Republic Won 

Tallest point: Jeju 6,400 feet tall 

Main religion: Christain 26.1% 

Main languages: Korean 

About: South Korea became independent after WW2 just like North Korea. In 1950, North and South Korea waged war until 1953. They finally signed the peace treaty in 2018. 

Cheongdeokgung Palace, South Korea.

Kuwait (Asia)

Kuwait flag

Capital: Kuwait City 

Population: 4.4 Million 

Size: 6,880 sq. miles

Currency: Kuwaiti Dinar

Tallest point: Mutla Ridge 1,004 feet tall 

Main religion: Islam 74.3% 

Main languages: Arabic

About: On June 20, 1961 Kuwait became independent from the British Empire. 

Kuwait Towers, Kuwait.

Kyrgyzstan (Asia)

Kyrgyzstan flag

Capital: Bishkek 

Population: 6.5 Million

Size: 77,202 sq. miles

Currency: Som 

Tallest point: Khan Tengri 23,000 feet tall 

Main religion: Islam 90% 

Main languages: Kyrgyz, Russian

About: On December 25, 1991 During the fall of the Soviet Union Kyrgyzstan gained independence from the Soviet Union.

Burana Tower, Kyrgyzstan.

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