The Bloody Massacre

October 4, 2021
By Zeke

It was a bitterly cold March evening in 1770 in Boston, Massachusetts. A mob of mad colonists started to form as British Private Hugh White nervously surveyed the streets. The colonists, who were known as Patriots, resented the Redcoats who had occupied their city. 

A Group of Patriots insulted mockingly taunted Private White. They also insulted a British officer, daring him to fire his gun. White insisted that the Patriots be respectful to the officer. When the Colonists refused, White who had grown extremely angry, hit a Patriot on the head with the butt of his musket. Enraged by this, the Patriots pressed in on the soldiers.

More Redcoats showed up and increased in their rage and their numbers. The Patriots insolently threw sticks, stones, and large chunks of ice at the British. Soon, a soldier was hit with a rock, causing his gun to fire. The Soldiers, who were now outnumbered, panicked, and they fired a volley of bullets into the angry mob. Many Colonists were hit, and five were killed. It was clear that more trouble would follow this Bloody Massacre. 

Highest Point in every U.S. State Part 2

26. Mt. Mansfield
27. Black Mountain
28. Mt. Sunflower
29. Sassafras Mountain
30. White Butte
31. Mt. Greylock
32. Hoye Crest
33. Mt. Davis
34. Mt. Magazine
35. Cheaha Mountain
36. Mt. Frissell
37. Eagle Mountain
38. Mt. Arvon
39. Timms Hill
40. High Point
41. Taum Sauk Mountain
42. Hawkeye Point
43. Campbell Hill
44. Hoosier Hill
45. Charles Mound
46. Jerimoth Hill
47. Woodall Mountain
48. Driskill Mountain
49. Unnamed Location
50. Britton Hill

Mt. Mansfield

Mt. Mansfield.

State: Vermont
County: Chittenden County
Range: Appalachian Mountains
Prominence: 3,633 feet
Elevation: 4.395 feet

Black Mountain

Black Mountain.

State: Kentucky
County: Harlan County 
Range: Appalachian Mountains
Prominence: 1,905 feet
Elevation: 4,145 feet

Mt. Sunflower

Road leading to Mt. Sunflower.

State: Kansas
County: Wallace County
Range: High Plains
Prominence: 19 feet
Elevation: 4,039 feet

Sassafras Mountain

Sassafras Mountain is the peak on the right. The Mountains in the background are larger than Sassafras Mountain because they are in North Carolina.

State: South Carolina
County: Pickens County, South Carolina, Transylvania County, North Carolina
Range: Appalachian Mountains
Prominence: 774 feet
Elevation: 3,554 feet

White Butte

White Butte.

State: North Dakota
County: Slope County
Range: Black Hills
Prominence: 546 feet
Elevation: 3,508 feet

Mt. Greylock 

Mt. Greylock seen from the town of Adams. Massachusetts.

State: Massachusetts
County: Berkshire County
Range: Appalachian Mountains
Prominence: 2,463 feet
Elevation: 3,489 feet

Hoye Crest

Hoye Crest.

State: Maryland
County: Garrett County
Range: Appalachian Mountains
Prominence: 80 feet
Elevation: 3,360 feet

Mt. Davis

Mt. Davis seen from across Deer Valley Lake.

State: Pennsylvania
County: Somerset County
Range: Appalachian Mountains
Prominence: 653 feet
Elevation: 3,213 feet

Mt. Magazine 

Mt. Magazine with a view of the Ozark Highlands below.

State: Arkansas
County: Logan County
Range: Ozark Highlands
Prominence: 2,143 feet
Elevation: 2,753 feet

Cheaha Mountain

Western Slopes of Cheaha Mountain.

State: Alabama 
County: Cleburne County
Range: Appalachian 
Prominence: 1,445 feet
Elevation: 2,413 feet

Mt. Frissell

Mt. Frissell.

State: Connecticut
County: Litchfield County, Connecticut, Berkshire County, Massachusetts
Range: Appalachian Mountains
Prominence: 781 feet
Elevation: 2,454 feet

Eagle Mountain

State: Minnesota
County: Cook County
Range: Misquah Hills
Prominence: 1,321 feet
Elevation: 2,301 feet

Mt. Arvon

Mt. Arvon rises above the surrounding Huron Mountains.

State: Michigan
County: Baraga County
Range: Huron Mountains
Prominence: 948 feet
Elevation: 1,979

Timms Hill

Timms Hill seen from Timms lake.

State: Wisconsin
County: Price County
Range: None
Prominence: 425 feet
Elevation: 1,951

High Point

High Point seen from Lake Marcia.

State: New Jersey
County: Sussex County
Range: Appalachian Mountains
Prominence: 883 feet
Elevation: 1,804

Taum Sauk Mountain

View of the Ozark Highlands. Taum Sauk Mountain is the peak in the center.

State: Missouri
County: Iron County
Range: Ozark Highlands
Prominence: 512 feet
Elevation: 1,772 feet

Hawkeye Point

Marker on the summit of Hawkeye Point.

State: Iowa
County: Osceola County
Range: None
Prominence: 40 feet
Elevation: 1,670

Campbell Hill

Campbell Hill marker.

State: Ohio
County: Logan County
Range: Bellefontaine Hills
Prominence: 639 feet
Elevation: 1,549 feet

Hoosier Hill

Marker on Hoosier Hill.

State: Indiana
County: Wayne County
Range: Norman Upland
Prominence: 297 feet
Elevation: 1,257

Charles Mound

Charles Mound is the tallest hill in the center.

State: Illinois 
County: Jo Daviess County
Range: None
Prominence: 95 feet
Elevation: 1,235 feet

Jerimoth Hill

Jerimoth Hill sign.

State: Rhode Island
County: Providence County
Range: None
Prominence: 192 feet
Elevation: 811 feet

Woodall Mountain

Woodall Mountain.

State: Mississippi
County: Tishomingo County
Range: Appalachian Mountains
Prominence: 296 feet
Elevation: 806 feet

Driskill Mountain

Driskill Mountain marker.

State: Louisiana 
County: Bienville Parish
Range: None
Prominence: 225 feet
Elevation: 535 feet

Unnamed Location

Highest point in Delaware.

State: Delaware
County: New Castle County
Range: None
Prominence: 32 feet
Elevation: 448 feet

Britton Hill

Britton Hill marker.

State: Florida
County: Walton County
Range: Florida Ridge Hills
Prominence: 65 feet
Elevation: 345 feet