The Smashed and Crashed Cart

A Roman aqueduct in Nerja, Spain.

By Gabe
November 12, 2018

Daniel was ecstatically excited when he constructed a cart with lumber. He had been working on the fantastically, fabulous, and fun cart, not by himself, but with his dad. Daniel’s mom, who thought her son would hurt himself with sharp tools, was worried. His father had planned to use the device for farming, and he was going to teach Daniel some carpentry. At the farm, the old one had been stolen by a greedy thief. The boy knew he had fashioned a stunning cart and he was proud.

Daniel didn’t use the wonderful machine for farming, but he slyly snuck it for his own amusement. Daniel had tried to explain to his dad that the cart, which was supposed to be used just for work, could also be used for play. Above the aqueducts, Daniel’s friends dared him to descend down, so he dashed toward the city. Although his father was busy, he had to stop to look for Daniel, and noticed he and the cart had vanished. His dad asked Daniel’s pals where he was and they told him he had flown on the steep waterway. Down below, Daniel felt guilty that he had disobeyed and wished he had kept the cool cart at the farm.

In the city square, Daniel powerfully crashed. His parents suspiciously rushed to the town square. They saw that their son was not injured. His mom knew she should not have let him build the cart. While everyone was relieved that Daniel wasn’t hurt, they were still irate. “I will promise, Mom and Dad, that I will listen to you in the future. I am sorry that I scared you,” explained the repentant boy. “I am glad that you’re fine, but you will still have a punishment,” they replied. Daniel was sad, although he understood the valuable lesson his parents were about to teach him. His mom, who sent the cart flying into pieces, destroyed and smashed it with hesitation but relief.


Here I am with Granny and my brothers going to a wedding.

By Houston
February 18, 2019

Happiness. Blessings from God. Be thankful for them. Wisely, Jesus instructed us to have grateful hearts. In Psalm 107:1, it reads, “Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good. His love endureth forever.” I’m profoundly thankful for my thoughtful Granny, who loves me and treats me well. While I think she’s the best, I’m also appreciative of Blindensburg, where I’m able to explore and build. 

I am extremely thankful for my caring Granny. She visits as much as she can and thoughtfully brings with her treats, Chik-fil-A, and presents. She also helps around the house and plays cards with us. Granny has the best stories. At her house, I remember her telling one of my favorite tales: The Sallbank Booger! She claims this monster lives up by the creek and will snatch us if we’re not careful. Sadly, I don’t get to see her all the time, but when I do, I always have an incredible experience. When I travel to see Granny in the mountains, I adventure deep into the woods, which are magnificent. The creek rushes and glistens, and the bright green leaves on the trees drip with the mountain dew. She also drives me to the gem mine where one can collect copper and all other sorts of stones. Supporting and encouraging me, Granny fills me with joy. Other grandparents might not love their grandchildren or be close with them, or may be dead. But I know my Granny loves me and for this I’m grateful.

I’m also immensely thankful for my amazing backyard woods. One day, my brother Gabriel was rapidly rapping a wretched tree when and a  jagged piece of wood flung off onto the ground. Gabe stated that the wood “blended” into the trees, so we started to construct a fort and named the forested town “Blindensburg.” Over time, our small city morphed into an enormous empire. A series of dirt roads lead to my friend’s house and all around the territory. A myriad of flags are displayed around the paths, including the North Carolina Flag and the Gadsden Flag. The symbols, which are nailed to massive fences, are majestic. However, we let Confederate Battle Flag billow in the breeze. Voting for new politicians each year, my friends and I each play a role in running our incorrupt civilization. After hunting the depths of forest, I come inside sore and exhausted. When it rains and I can’t tend to Blindensburg, I even become a tad sad. Freely, I can be a boy, scream, and be wild while working in the woods. Having a natural, wide-open space in which to play, build, and adventure makes me overwhelmingly happy.

Fortunately, Granny supports me in all that I do. While Blindensburg is a site where I can be wild, my helpful and totally hilarious Granny loves me. My woods are amazing, massive, and filled with freedom, flags, and friends. I’m grateful for Granny, who obviously cares for me. I’m also blessed that my backyard woods are a spot of childhood adventure. In life, these are the things that make me happy and thankful.

The Blessed Boy

My wonderful dad brings us to foreign countries. Here we are in Moscow.

By Gabe
February 18, 2019

Being happy is important. Blessings lead to happiness. Being thankful leads to both. Having a grateful heart is one of the things that brings you to Heaven because it is a righteous. In the Bible, God even says that we should devote ourselves to thankfulness. I am particularly thankful for my parents, who are patient and spend precious time with me. Since I enjoy eating, I’m also appreciative of abundant yummy food.

Thankfully, my Mom and Dad provide everything I need. I receive healthy food, a warm house, entertaining games, and a quality education. Since I live in an extremely safe neighborhood, I can wander in the woods as much as I want. My parents give me a terrific bed so I can lie down and pull the cozy blankets over my body, which is cold and fatigued like a hiker in Antarctica. My Dad works hard to earn money, and my Mom homeschools us. Although I have to clean the house and sometimes get frustrated over schoolwork, my Mom is often patient with me and usually helps me. Throughout the week, I can sometimes play video games with my Dad and my brothers as a reward. I’m profusely happy that my Mom and Dad are so nice and fun.

Because it’s essential for life and it’s delicious, I’m also grateful for food. Not all people enjoy spicy, weird food, but since my Dad cooks so amazingly, he introduces us to lots of tantalizing flavors. My Mom shops and lets us choose yummy snacks, which we devour like hungry bears eating campers. I’m ecstatic I live near a store and don’t live in Greenland where the first settlers once had tiny amounts of food and were small, but we eat nutrient food to grow tall and strong. We’re treated to cheesy, crispy pizza and greasy burgers that melt into my mouth. When my Grandmother comes to visit, she buys us creamy, delectable ice cream. On top, we smother it with chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream, and chewy, gooey gummy worms.  Fortunately, the food is awesome and is abundant where I live.

My Mom and Dad selflessly provide everything I need. In life, food is necessary for survival, and it tastes finger-licking good. Most importantly, my parents sacrifice for me. I like food, and I’m fortunate that I get to eat lots of fun flavors. Since not all kids have nice parents, I’m grateful that I have a Mom and Dad who love me and give me plenty of food to eat. Because of these thing, I feel blessed.