The Foolish Disciple

February 7, 2020

Should Edmund have followed the White Witch in the book, “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe?” No, it was not a wise decision because she was against the righteous lion, Aslan, she was cruel to Edmund and the other creatures who surrounded her, and she had dark magic and a treacherous spear.

The White Witch was an enemy of Aslan. The noble lion was benevolent while the Witch, who claimed she was queen of Narnia, was a corrupt ruler. During his time at the Beavers’ house, Edmund had been told that the pale woman was evil and that Aslan was the savior of the kingdom.

Another reason Edmund shouldn’t have obeyed the Witch is that she was sour. Not only was she cruel to him, but she was also nasty to the other oppressed souls. For example, the dwarf was a follower of hers but was mistreated even though he was loyal to her. She also ordered the dwarf to ruthlessly beat Edmund if he tripped in the snow.

Because the Witch was dangerous and diabolical, the self-centered adolescent was obtuse in his judgment. She was a witch, so not only did she have the power to cast spells, such as turning living things into stone like when he witnessed some animals having a feast and being eternally frozen into rock just because they had gotten food from Father Christmas. The creatures in the courtyard also suffered the same horrible fate. Plus, when Edmund first met her, she held a threatening spear. 

Edmund should not have joined the Witch since she hated Aslan, the savior of Narnia, she was mean to him and the other animals, and she had occult abilities and a sharp weapon. Edmund was a fool to become a disciple of this wretched, woman-like beast.

Concepts of Cash

I stand inside my company, Regions Bank.

By Houston
January 22, 2020

While other children were relaxing at their homes during Christmas break, my brothers and I participated in a Junior Achievement program called BizTown. Leading up to the event, there were three classes of preparation in which students learned how to balance a checkbook, write checks, and many other important skills. We were interviewed for the job of our choice. Fortunately, I was hired as CFO at Regions Bank, which was the position I wanted. There were also a myriad of different companies which sold unique products and services. 

On the day of BizTown, we drove to Charlotte, which is where the simulation was held. When I walked into the town I found my business and met up with my fellow co-workers. Since I was Chief Financial Officer, I was responsible for paying my employees, paying the bills, and managing the money. There were four periods of activity. 1. Get your business started. 2. Eat lunch. 3. Buy from other businesses. 4. Work. But of course some people had different periods to keep the city running smoothly. After all the periods were completed, that marked the end of the day. Some awards were announced and my brother’s company, Woodforest Bank, even got the best business award.

After the day was over my brothers and I pose in front the door into BizTown.

BizTown was a phenomenal experience. It was both fun and educational, teaching me how to spend and save my money wisely, how to become a valuable member of a community, and what it takes to run a business. I had an amazing day, and I look forward to learning more concepts of cash next year.


Here I am with Granny and my brothers going to a wedding.

By Houston
February 18, 2019

Happiness. Blessings from God. Be thankful for them. Wisely, Jesus instructed us to have grateful hearts. In Psalm 107:1, it reads, “Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good. His love endureth forever.” I’m profoundly thankful for my thoughtful Granny, who loves me and treats me well. While I think she’s the best, I’m also appreciative of Blindensburg, where I’m able to explore and build. 

I am extremely thankful for my caring Granny. She visits as much as she can and thoughtfully brings with her treats, Chik-fil-A, and presents. She also helps around the house and plays cards with us. Granny has the best stories. At her house, I remember her telling one of my favorite tales: The Sallbank Booger! She claims this monster lives up by the creek and will snatch us if we’re not careful. Sadly, I don’t get to see her all the time, but when I do, I always have an incredible experience. When I travel to see Granny in the mountains, I adventure deep into the woods, which are magnificent. The creek rushes and glistens, and the bright green leaves on the trees drip with the mountain dew. She also drives me to the gem mine where one can collect copper and all other sorts of stones. Supporting and encouraging me, Granny fills me with joy. Other grandparents might not love their grandchildren or be close with them, or may be dead. But I know my Granny loves me and for this I’m grateful.

I’m also immensely thankful for my amazing backyard woods. One day, my brother Gabriel was rapidly rapping a wretched tree when and a  jagged piece of wood flung off onto the ground. Gabe stated that the wood “blended” into the trees, so we started to construct a fort and named the forested town “Blindensburg.” Over time, our small city morphed into an enormous empire. A series of dirt roads lead to my friend’s house and all around the territory. A myriad of flags are displayed around the paths, including the North Carolina Flag and the Gadsden Flag. The symbols, which are nailed to massive fences, are majestic. However, we let Confederate Battle Flag billow in the breeze. Voting for new politicians each year, my friends and I each play a role in running our incorrupt civilization. After hunting the depths of forest, I come inside sore and exhausted. When it rains and I can’t tend to Blindensburg, I even become a tad sad. Freely, I can be a boy, scream, and be wild while working in the woods. Having a natural, wide-open space in which to play, build, and adventure makes me overwhelmingly happy.

Fortunately, Granny supports me in all that I do. While Blindensburg is a site where I can be wild, my helpful and totally hilarious Granny loves me. My woods are amazing, massive, and filled with freedom, flags, and friends. I’m grateful for Granny, who obviously cares for me. I’m also blessed that my backyard woods are a spot of childhood adventure. In life, these are the things that make me happy and thankful.