The Town With the Immortal Spring

By Zeke
May 20, 2020

In the town of Treegap, there was a 10-year-old girl named Winnie Foster. Winnie was curious and lonely because her parents wouldn’t let her go out of their yard. The Tucks, who lived not too far away, were weirdly immortal, but no one knew this. Winnie decided she would go into the woods beside her house, where she had never gone before. 

Once she got into the forest, she spotted a teenager sitting by a tree. When they saw each other, Winnie and the boy named Jesse had a short conversation. When Winnie found out about a mysterious spring and remarked, “Why can’t I have some water? You just drank some?” Hearing this, Jesse’s face turned pale and he and his family, who had just arrived on galloping horses, kidnapped Winnie.

On the ride to the Tucks’ house, they passed a man in a yellow suit who had talked to Winnie the night before. The Tucks explained that they were immortal and would live forever since they drank from the spring 90 years ago. When the Tucks were about to send Winnie home, the man in the yellow suit tried to take Winnie for his own good because he was going to tell the world about the immortal spring. However, May, Jesse’s mother, hit the man in the yellow suit on the head with a shotgun, killing him and preventing the spread of immortality.

After this, May was sent to jail but Winnie snuck in and took her place. A few days after Winnie got out of jail, Jesse gave Winnie a bottle of the water and said to drink it when she was 17 so they could be together forever. Winnie, who didn’t want to be immortal, gave the water to a toad. Many years later the Tucks came to the town with the immortal spring and found the gravestone of Winnie.

Bold and Courageous Bears

Grizzly Bear after a fresh catch.

May 7, 2020

Did you know that the Ancient Mayans had spirit animals? My spirit animal is a Grizzly Bear. Beautiful but frightening. Protective but playful. Fearsome and fatal. Because they are majestic predators, I choose the Grizzly Bear, which symbolizes dominion and authority. For this reason, California’s flag features a Grizzly Bear as its emblem. Interestingly, the last Grizzly ever seen in California was shot by a hunter in 1922.

These big, brown, bulky creatures are great hunters themselves and usually eat fish and other animals, such as Deer, Sheep, Moose, and sometimes other Bears, as well as berries and leaves. Conveniently, Grizzlies have long and sharp claws for digging and killing. Bears, who sometimes get in territorial or food disputes with other predators, like Cougars, Mountain Lions, or Wolves, are somewhat endangered.

During the winter months, male Grizzly Bears hibernate from November to March and females from November to April or May. As they may seem cute as infants, soon these monstrous carnivores will be limb-tearing, meat-grinding beasts. Bears are bold and courageous, and that is why I choose them as my spirit animal.

God’s Cool Creatures

This is a beautiful Madagascar Moth.

April 14, 2020 

This is an 8-paragraph paper on the insects I have been studying for the last month. Even though some insects can be disgusting or grotesque, they all are amazing in that they are part of God’s grand design. Not everyone realizes that insects are beautiful creatures. 

Insects are in the animalia kingdom. All insects (except for ants) have 3 body parts: the head, the thorax, and the abdomen. Because spiders are arachnids, they are not classified as insects. In total, there are 925,000 species of insects around the world.

Since there are 300,000 species of beetles, they are the most common of all insects. The amazing Hercules Beetle (Dynastes Hercules) can lift a staggering 17 pounds  ̶ a load that is 850 times their own weight. An elytra is similar to a wing. A Ladybug’s elytra majestically opens when it is about to fly. Some beetles give off a foul odor to deter predators. 

The butterfly is one of the most colorful and pretty bugs. Butterflies are in the Lepidoptera class of insects. Moths are usually gray, black, or brown, but some moths, like the Madagascar Moth, have extremely vivid colors just like butterflies.

Ants are social creatures, which means they work together in large groups. Army Ants form a horde to swarm and overrun their prey. They deliver a venomous bite to kill their victims. Unlike other insects, ants have 4 body parts. If termites get into a house, they can inflict a lot of damage to the wood. A queen termite produces an average of 164,000 eggs in 15 years.

There are billions of houseflies on earth. In a strange spectacle of savage gluttony, these pests lay their eggs on decaying corpses of animals, so the maggots can eat the rotten flesh. Houseflies are in the Diptera order of insects. Mosquitoes, who are considered the most dangerous animals in the world, can give you deadly and dire diseases. They feed on the blood of humans and animals. Damselflies are the same as Dragonflies, except they are skinnier.

There are 43,000 species of spiders. Trapdoor Spiders are excellent hunters. These spiders make hatches of silk in the ground and jump out to catch their prey. The Black Widow Spider is in the Theridiidae order of spiders. These 8-legged bugs are venomous and can kill insects, other spiders, small rodents, and rarely humans. Tarantulas are hairy and colossal spiders. Some people even have Tarantulas as pets.

Even though they are deadly and some are hideous, insects and spiders are awesome creatures, and they all serve a purpose in God’s kingdom. Creepy. Crawly. But cool.