Take Good Advice

Here shows the townsfolk running through the streets.

By Gabe
February 19, 2020

It was a sunny day in Pompeii, and Titus and Claudia, who had immense wealth, were on vacation. Titus’s brother Alexander and his wife Antonia were resting on the beachside with them. The waves were crashing and the air was cool, but this was the calm before the storm. Suddenly, they noticed some rubble descending from the towering Mt. Vesuvius. Titus, his wife and some others thought it was wise to leave, but Alexander and Antonia wished to stay. Titus tried to persuade them that it was dangerous to remain on the beach, but Alexander stated unwisely that it was nothing to be worried about.

Unfortunately, volcanic rock, ash, and lava covered the beach like a blood-smeared blanket. Titus and Claudia made it to the hotel and quickly grabbed their items. “Claudia, you leave the jewelry! We urgently have to run!” demanded Titus. “But what about your brother?” replied Claudia. “Don’t worry about him. He was a fool to stay on the beach,” snapped her husband.

Ignoring Titus, Claudia hurried to save Alexander. But when Titus came to find his wife, she was buried under a pile of ash. Sadly, Titus hopped on a chariot and road away as fast as he could. Even though he saved himself, his family was burnt. Moral: Take good advice when it’s offered by a loved one.

Jade The GREAT!!!

By Gabe
November 15 2019

This is a video of us and Jade playing fetch with her lost squeaky ball.
Here is Jade with a bandana we got her.
This is Jade the first day we got her.

Our dog Jade is a Black German Shepherd. She has many toys, such as two bones, three ropes, a big purple ball, a ball that you can put treats inside, and an emoji. She used to have a kong (a kong is something that you put peanut butter inside), a squeaky ball, and a squeaky bone, but she ate the squeaky bone and we lost the kong and the squeaky ball. My brothers and I walk her every day, and normally my mom and dad take her on a walk, too. Even though Jade is usually a good girl, she is sometimes naughty. Jade ate a big block of cheese and some sausage off the counter. Jade also gets into the trash. I think she weighs about 60 pounds and she would probably be as tall as me if she was standing only on her back two legs. We’ve taught her lots of tricks like sit, down, stay, dirty laundry (which is where we make her put clothes in the laundry basket), up, which hand, leave, and speak. We got Jade in February 2019 from Jett’s Legacy and she’s two years old and she’ll be three on December 16. Jade is a really good girl and a fun blessing to our house.

The Burning of Troy

The Burning of Troy
By Gabriel
October 1, 2018

Long ago in ancient Greece, a gray, dusty castle was mysteriously quiet, but the wind howled ferociously outside the walls, while the thick, murky fog descended upon the city. King Menelaus awoke to find his wife Helen kidnapped by Paris, the puny prince of Troy. Menelaus, who was extremely sad that Helen was away, confidently vowed to rescue his wife. He called upon all the cunning kings of Greece. These leaders and their men journeyed with Menelaus to Troy to find the missing queen.

The majestically fashioned Troy had immense walls. For 10 years the Greeks could not enter the city, which was fantastically fortified. A smart warrior named Odysseus had an idea: to have men build a giant horse with wheels. Thirty soldiers would remain in the belly of the wooden animal, and the rest of the Greeks would sail to a nearby island and wait.

In the morning, the Trojans saw the horse, which they thought was a peace offering. They happily rejoiced because they assumed the war was over. The Trojans pushed the rustic creation into the gates and slept soundly. In the night the Greeks inside the horse opened the city gates for the returning Greeks, who killed the Trojans. Houses smoldered and cracked into the earth, and noxious smoked filled the air. The Greeks had burnt Troy to the ground and retrieved Helen.