Bold and Courageous Bears

Grizzly Bear after a fresh catch.

May 7, 2020

Did you know that the Ancient Mayans had spirit animals? My spirit animal is a Grizzly Bear. Beautiful but frightening. Protective but playful. Fearsome and fatal. Because they are majestic predators, I choose the Grizzly Bear, which symbolizes dominion and authority. For this reason, California’s flag features a Grizzly Bear as its emblem. Interestingly, the last Grizzly ever seen in California was shot by a hunter in 1922.

These big, brown, bulky creatures are great hunters themselves and usually eat fish and other animals, such as Deer, Sheep, Moose, and sometimes other Bears, as well as berries and leaves. Conveniently, Grizzlies have long and sharp claws for digging and killing. Bears, who sometimes get in territorial or food disputes with other predators, like Cougars, Mountain Lions, or Wolves, are somewhat endangered.

During the winter months, male Grizzly Bears hibernate from November to March and females from November to April or May. As they may seem cute as infants, soon these monstrous carnivores will be limb-tearing, meat-grinding beasts. Bears are bold and courageous, and that is why I choose them as my spirit animal.

Zeke’s black eye

Gabe and Zeke’s baseball team (the Tigers) was playing Houston’s team (the Angels) last night. We had been anticipating the game all season. But the 3 Amigos’ big bro-down had a 20-minute rain delay, so both teams horsed around on the field as it barely drizzled and thundered way off in the distance … and then this happened.

Egad! First, let me say, Zeke is okay now, but it was frightening as all get out when we spotted him. He was crying, the kid who accidentally hit him in the face with a (luckily underhand-tossed) baseball was crying, the parents who saw it unfold were nearly crying – it was chaos! This pic was taken about four hours after the injury occurred.

By this time, the swelling had gone down immensely, and his vision, and cheek and eyebrow bones seemed to be fine. He was even a bit peppy before bed, having eaten popcorn and watched for the first time “The Wizard of Oz.”

I assured Zeke that he survived TTTS, being a preemie, and having a CCAM removed via lobectomy, so we weren’t gonna let some stray baseball bring him down. But honestly, I was scared to death. Thank you, Lord, for protecting my sweet boy, helping Stephen and me make wise decisions regarding his care, and giving Zeke two brothers who care so much about his well-being!

Here’s Zeke this afternoon. We decided to take him to an urgent care, just to make sure his orbital bones weren’t fractured. His x-rays checked out fine, as did his vision tests, physical exam, and even an ocular test that numbed his eye and turned it green so that the doc could make sure his lens and iris and other necessary seeing parts weren’t scratched or damaged.

Zeke was seen by the same lady who treated Houston during his shoulder trauma a few months back. She’s extremely thorough and competent, so we left feeling relieved of his “he’s one lucky dude” diagnosis. I mean, if he had been hit 1 mm differently in any direction, it could have been so much worse. Lord have mercy.

The boys get “persuasive”

Quite the persuasive presentation, wouldn’t you say?!

The 3 Amigos wanted to buy a new Xbox One, so I encouraged them to try to convince Daddy to the merits of their grand plan through the power of the written word. Here’s what they came up with … and by the way, it worked!


How do you do, Daddy? We wanted to convince you to let us get the Xbox One. Mommy said it’s called persuasive writing. Here are some reasons we have prepared. 

We have enough money to buy the console and some of its accessories with our own money from cash we’ve earned for chores or that has been given to us as a gift. You won’t have to buy a new blu-ray player either because it already has one programmed into it. If you do allow us to buy it, we will still have some spare money for other things.

You can go look at the behavior grades in the bedroom and see that we’ve been pretty good lately. We promise that we will use the Fruits of the Holy Spirt to maintain self-control when playing it, so there will be lots of fun and no fighting!

Also, if the old Xbox 360 breaks, you won’t have to pay for a new one. We’ll already have a backup. Plus, we can play old Xbox 360 games as well as new ones on this one console. I think you too will find some joy in this system. We look forward to hopefully playing with you soon.

Your loving and mature sons,
Houston, Gabriel & Zeke