Happy Belated Halloween

Below you’ll see pics of Gabriel and Zeke donning their Halloween “costumes.” They were still in the NICU at that point and very, very small, as you can see.

However, the boys are growing nicely now that they are home and getting milk and love whenever they want. At their last pediatric appointment on November 14, Gabriel was 5 pounds, 5 1/2 ounces, and Zeke was 5 pounds, 2 1/2 ounces. And then at today’s appointment, they were 6 pounds, 11 ounces, and 6 pounds, 3 1/2 ounces respectively. Can you believe how much my little piggies have gained in just two weeks?!?

Gabe on 10/31/08

Houston still doesn’t love having full-time competition around, although he does love poking the boys in the face when he gets a chance. Now that Gabe and Zeke are spending more time out of the nursery and in other parts of the house in bouncy seats and swings and such, I think Houston will get more accustomed to them more quickly — or at least, that’s my hope.

Zeke on 10/31/08

I have taken hardly any photos of the twins since they’ve been home. I truly haven’t had a second to spare. But I know I need to make the time, especially now that the boys are doing more than just sleeping all the time. In the meantime, you can click the above photo of Zeke to see all the final NICU pics, and I will try my best to get some more recent shots of the twins up soon.

Big Brother Houston

Houston is showing signs of improvement as far as sharing Clan Dillingham with his two new brothers goes. Each day is a little bit better than the day before. And considering that Tuesday was my first day back in full-swing Mommy mode, that is a greatly welcome thing.

Yes, all my round-the-clock help (i.e., Gramsey during the week, Granny on weekends and Auntie Merdy on Fridays) is now gone. I’ve been utilizing that much-needed assistance since my bed rest began back on July 10, so those wonderful and selfless folks had to finally get back to their own lives. Of course, Stephen is pulling his weight like a champ, tending to Houston in the early mornings so I can catch a few extra Zs after my two nighttime feedings and doing lots of Daddy stuff and housework to boot. Thank God for rockin’ husbands!

Gabriel and Zeke are sick with slight colds, which has not been fun, and they have their second RSV shots tomorrow. Other than that, they seem to be growing nicely and have taken well to the breast. I’m ecstatic about the latter ’cause not only is it easier and healthier and entails no bottle clean up and no pumping, it is also free. I read somewhere that buying formula for just one baby for a year costs about $2,000. Therefore, if the boys had fought the boob, I suppose I’d at least have a a year’s worth of pumping to look forward to — boring.

The next blog will feature some at-home shots of the twins. But be sure to click the above “puppy dog” photo to see Houston’s Halloween pics (some from a pre-Halloween kids concert and the rest from trick-or-treating Halloween night), click the “rock band” photo at top to see Houston’s October- Part 2 pics and click here to see all the October- Part 1 pics.

NICU Photos

My sleep-deprived and hormonal-crazed life is completely nuts with the Three Amigos finally under one roof. The big updates are that both Zeke and Gabriel have gained weight since their discharge from the NICU on 11/2/08. Gabriel was 4 pounds, 4 ounces, and is now 4 pounds, 8 ounces. Zeke was 4 pounds, 5 ounces, and is now 4 pounds, 10 ounces. They had their first appointment at the pediatrician on Wednesday and Houston got a flu shot, as well. It took Gramsey, Daddy and me to get all three boys there and on time — quite the undertaking, that’s for sure.  

Gabriel being burped on 10/30.

Houston is dealing with the new competition fairly well, considering his life has been a bit off routine since way back on July 8 when the TTTS trauma began. He’s teething up a storm, too, which doesn’t help things. Houston is very interested in his brothers, but still doesn’t grasp the concepts of “gentle” and “easy.” It’s a work in progress, but before we know it, our first born won’t even remember ever being the only child and he’ll love having Gabriel and Zeke around.

 Zeke in his funny hat on 10/30.

I am way behind on photos (obviously). In fact, I’ve barely even taken any since the twins came home on Sunday. However, I did manage to get the NICU photos through October 30 up into gallery. Click here to see all the NICU Part 1 pics, here to see Part 2 and the photo above to see Part 3.  Thanks for your patience and happy fall to all!