Welcome To the Zoo

“The zoo” is how Stephen and I refer to our house these days. With three babies in diapers, two aging cats and another cat who thinks he’s a dog, things are always a tad on the wild side around Clan Dillingham.

 A happy mama w/ all her boys.

Houston — who I sometimes call Taz, since he’s often rowdy like the lovable Looney Tunes character — is dealing much better with the recent additions to our family. There’s now more love and less malice in his general actions toward Gabriel and Zeke (i.e., less intentional poking in the twins’ faces and rough pulling of their limbs). In fact, I think Houston is really digging the boys now, although his excitement sometimes gets the best of him. We still must constantly monitor and say “gentle” and “easy” so that he won’t accidentally hurt his brothers in his zest to be near them, but we are making improvements. For instance, I rarely have to restrain Houston in his pack-n-play anymore during his brothers’ near constant feedings — one less step in the process for me and he’s a much happier toddler to boot.

Yes, Houston really sleeps this way.

Gabriel and Zeke are growing quite well. I have officially retired some of their smaller newborn onesies and their newborn diapers aren’t swallowing their bums anymore. Gabriel is still bigger than Zeke, which is one good way to tell them apart. Another way is their eyes: Gabriel has especially almond-shaped eyes, kind of Asian inspired. And since Gabe has more girth than his twin brother, we, of course, call him Buddha boy on occasion. As you can see in the photos below, the boys look to have red hair. I see it clear as day, particularly when the sun catches their heads through the window, but Stephen doesn’t believe it to be the case. He says that the odds are against the red gene, but that certainly wouldn’t be the first time Gabriel and Zeke have defied the odds.

Zeke does tai chi in his sleep.

We’re all excited for Christmas. This will be the first year that we celebrate here at Clan Dillingham, instead of traveling to one of the grandparents’ homes. We don’t have a big tree this year, but I did decorate our small fake tree to the hilt, as well as adorn our mantle with festive paraphernalia, hang all our beautiful needlepoint stockings and display our lovely nativity scene. Granny took Houston to see Santa at the mall. He thought “Ho Ho” was pretty cool, but he wouldn’t sit in Santa’s lap. Despite the dis, Santa still plans on bringing Houston a few nice toys.

Gabriel strikes a pose for the camera.

Click the above photo of Gabe to see all the December – Part 1 pics and click the very top photo of me with the boys to see a few more recent shots in the December – Part 2 album. From all of us here at Clan Dillingham, we wish you a safe and blessed Christmas!

TTTS Awareness Month

In addition to celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ this joyous month, December is also International Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome Awareness Month. In fact, yesterday, December 7, was World TTTS Awareness Day.

Zeke (on left) and Gabriel hold hands while lounging on Mommy. 

Check out the link to read about the fight against TTTS, including some of the disturbing trends regarding the syndrome. Whether it’s doctors pressuring TTTS mothers to abort one of their children, OBs failing to determine a shared placenta, OBs not referring mothers to maternal-fetal specialists or doctors not performing weekly ultrasounds until the babies are born, parents need to be informed so that their twins have the best possible chance for survival. All of us at Clan Dillingham want to spread the word in hopes that other families will be blessed with beautiful miracle babies as we have been.

Gabriel (on left) and Zeke snooze head to head.

Click the above photo to check out the November pics of all the boys. You can really see how much weight the twins gained over the course of last month. They’re both pushing 7 pounds at present. Merry Christmas, y’all!