21 Months & 14 Pounds

Yesterday was Houston Lee’s 21-month birthday. He constantly challenges Daddy and me with his smarts, humor, depth, knowledge, self-awareness, inquisitiveness and strength. He is a wonderful son and big brother … happy birthday, Houston! 

Houston picks “flowers” (i.e. pretty weeds) in the front yard.  

Little brothers, who just turned 5 months old, had their last RSV shot on Tuesday, thank God. Amazingly, Gabriel and Zeke have finally reached equilibrium as far as weight and height are concerned: both boys weighed 14 pounds, 2 ounces, and measured 23 1/2″ in length. They, too, amaze us on a daily basis with their advanced intelligence, sweet giggles and utterances, and evolving physical feats.

“Carrots are quite delicious … I think,” ponders Gabriel.

 Other highlights as of late: 

  • Zeke started rolling from back to belly on 3/14 and Gabriel followed suit soon thereafter;
  • A few hours ago, Daddy and I moved both the Jump-n-Go and Exer-saucer up a notch to accommodate the twins’ spatial needs;
  • Houston (usually with brothers) has had play dates this month with Dixie, Gracie and Matthew;
  • Last weekend was so gorgeous that Houston and Daddy went to the park on Saturday, and (even though it took us a while) the entire family made it there on Sunday;

“Baths are sooooooo relaxing, Mommy,” says Zeke.

  • We implemented Houston’s “binky only in bed” rule on 3/21; so far, he’s surviving and our lives have become much easier;
  • Due to his his lust for hand-eating, Gabriel battled a major chapped face for a few days till his doc suggested using Chap Stick (duh!) to remedy the situation;
  • Things have improved for Gabe’s face (although his hands have calloused on his favorite munching areas), but now Zeke is experiencing some chapped skin on his face due to his occasional thumb-sucking;  

“Please stop squishing me,” pleads Gabriel to his 35-pound, 3T-wearing big brother.

And the entire clan (with the help of Auntie Merdy) is headed to visit Daddy at work today. “Show and tell,” as Uncle Greg calls it, should be interesting, to say the least!

Click on Zeke’s bath shot to see all the March – Part 1 pics and the above photo to see all the more recent images from this month. Happy early Easter!

Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

That is my response to people who ask me how I am able to manage the zoo and all of its inhabitants. In other words, when one of the kids is whaling or has a poopy diaper or has seriously hurt himself or is in need of immediate strict discipline, those situations take precedence over a whining or crying kid, a pee pee diaper, a minor boo boo or a no no that can be remedied with a simple distraction. First thing’s first, as I often explain to the boys.

Zeke helps Aunt Lisa referee Gabriel & Houston’s wrestling match.

I like to tell Houston that Clan Dillingham is a team, and as a member, he plays a vital role in keeping things running as smoothly as possible. That includes everything from helping with housework, which he loves to do, to assisting with brothers’ diaper changes, to just doing what Mommy and Daddy (the team captains) say. As a rambunctious toddler, this is sometimes easier said than done, but it usually works. And when it does, we do a celebratory fist bump and say, “Go team!” 

Aunt Lisa came for a long visit and spoiled the boys (and me) rotten! Houston got to play rough with Mommy’s zany sister, the twins got held much more than they are accustomed to, and I had a much-needed extra set of hands available to help out with kid duties and housework. It also snowed about 5″ when Lisa was here, and we built Houston his very first snowman, lovingly named “Joe Snow.” 

Three generations of Dillingham patriots speak out against Obama’s “spendulus” plan.

On 2/27, Houston hit the road with Daddy and Grumps to protest the federal government’s fiscally irresponsible (not to mention unconstitutional) stimulus package. They traveled to Fayetteville to participate in the New American Tea Party and have plans to head to Asheville for the Tax Day Tea Party on 4/15. They look forward to rallying with other supporters of a limited federal government in vocal opposition to Washington’s uncontrolled spending and meddling in the lives of tax-paying citizens.

 Gabriel can pull Uncle Greg’s finger & give the “power to the people” sign simultaneously … what talent!

The twins are getting stronger, bigger and more active and alert by the second. On 2/28, Gabriel rolled from his belly to back. Zeke wasn’t far behind, mastering the feat on 3/1. Gabriel laughs and coos at everything; he’s a total ham. Zeke, our nosey boy, is a tad more reserved, soaking in his surroundings with wonderment, and giggling and talking with pure intent. It’s intriguing how different their personalities have become, especially considering that identical twins have the exact same DNA — amazing!

Is Houston all boy or what? Check out his manly swagger!

Other big news is that the twins have mastered rice and oatmeal cereal, and began eating veggies on 3/7. Carrots was their first vegetable adventure, and they’ll be trying butternut squash this evening. Yummy!

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