Busted Lip

On 5/14, Houston did a face plant into our steps out front. He was playing with his friend/our neighbor, Alyssa, when he fell smack dab into into the brick. (Note: Right before the injury occurred, I was telling Alyssa’s mom how much of a “bull in a china shop” Houston is ’cause he’s always falling, walking into stuff, tripping, knocking things over, etc.) Of course, being a mouth cut and all, blood started gushing everywhere and Houston started screaming. The gash looked horrible and deep, although his teeth and gums seemed fine.

Brave-boy Houston shows off his fat lip.

I actually held it together better than I would have expected of my emotional self. Alyssa’s mom, Heather, stayed with the twins till Stephen could get home from work, and Heather (who assists us with childcare and also works as a caregiver for the other Heather’s oldest daughter) accompanied Houston and me to the urgent care. She rode in the back of the mini-van and helped calm him down, keep him from messing with his lip and applied a frozen teething ring to the cut, while I drove. We’re very lucky to have Miss “Hed-ur” in our lives! Houston made a lot of new friends in the urgent care lobby while we waited to see the doc. He didn’t need stitches and his lip is healing amazingly quickly. (Click the above photo to see all the May pics, including more fat lip shots.)

While gazing into a mirror, Zeke wonders, “Who’s that cute boy looking at me?”

Other things of interest:

  • Houston is now eating in a regular chair;
  • Gabriel and Zeke are diligently working on sitting up solo;
  • Gabriel seems to be trying to talk beyond his baby screeches and coos (I’m sure Zeke will follow suit soon);
  • Strong boys Zeke and Gabe, who turned 7 months old today, constantly try to stand while being held;
  • Both twins are starting to laugh hardier, sounding more like big boys than little babies;
  • And Houston tasted his pee pee the other night while on the potty. Yes our children are strange.

Houston — who’s distracted by his ball that’s in the road — plays in the rain for the first time.

Another funny note … while signing in at the doctors on 5/13, I asked a couple of ladies standing in line standing behind me, “What’s the date? Is it the 6th?” Needless to say, they both looked at me like I was insane. I quickly explained to them that I at least know the day of the week (so I won’t miss appointments, trash pick-up and such), but as a stay-at-home mom with three kids under the age of 2, it’s shocking I can even remember it’s 2009. That is the year, right? Just a funny illustration of how zany life is around Clan Dillingham!

“I smile & laugh w/ my big mouth — a trait I get from Mommy,” says Gabriel.

Somehow in the midst of all the craziness, we’re planning a party for Houston’s 2nd birthday, which is just around the corner (June 26). It’s going to be a Veggie Tales-themed outdoor affair with a kiddy pool, a slip-n-slide, badminton, etc. “Tales,” as Houston calls it, is his ultimate favorite thing these days … even cooler than Spider Man … so he should be very happy to see that Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber will be present for his birthday celebration.

Happy Babies

I am commonly told, “You have such happy babies” — a refrain that’s music to a mother’s ears. Sure, they all have their moments of whining, crying and complaining, but Houston, Gabriel and Zeke truly are three joyful little dudes! (Click the photo below to see all the cute pics from late April.)

Dixie & Houston are a match made in heaven! 

Houston — who weighed a whopping 37 1/2 pounds at the doc on May 5 — is certainly much happier now that he is on seasonal allergy medication. Before we started the meds, he was looking pretty pathetic. His face was all splotchy and it looked as if someone had drawn stripes under his eyes with red lipstick (you can kind of see the beginnings of this in the above picture).

When Daddy has the stroller, Mommy has to improvise.

The twins are constant entertainment, “talking” (i.e., yelling and screeching) up a storm, grinning from ear to ear with their mouths wide open, going mobile by belly waddling on their mat, attempting to eat puffs, doing plenty of twin vs. twin wrestling and being awestruck by pretty much every big brother does — minus kneeling on them or poking them in the eyeball.

Baby fights are one of our favorite pastimes around Clan Dillingham.

After traveling to the mountains for Easter, the entire fam headed up to Virginia the very next weekend to attend Auntie Lisa’s party. A lot of family and friends got to meet Gabriel and Zeke for the first time. And although it was great to have so many extra hands helping out with the kids, we’re probably not going to road trip again till the boys are about … oh, I don’t know … say about 7 or 8!

Auntie Dina cuddles w/ Zeke @ Lisa’s shindig.

Click the above photo to see all the pics from Lisa’s party. Click the shot of Gabriel and Zeke in the wheelbarrow to view the April – Part 2 photos. Also, there a few new additions at the end of the April – Part 1 gallery. Happy Mother’s Day!

Easter In the Mountains

Houston kicked off Easter weekend by spending his first night away from home without Mommy and Daddy. Mommy, Houston, Gabriel and Zeke road tripped about an hour away from home to meet up with Grumps at an Arby’s. After getting Houston some grub and a diaper change, and then installing a car seat into Grumps’ Jeep, Houston and Grumps were off for the mountains, and (after a parking lot breast-feeding extravaganza in the back of the minivan) Mommy and the twins headed back to Clan Dillingham. 

Houston dyes Easter eggs w/ Granny.

From all reports, Houston did pretty good being away from home without us, except for the fact that he missed the solitude of his crib. Granny said she and Grumps found Houston tooling down the hall in his PJs, trying to continue the fun times well after his bed time. It took some convincing and major soothing to get him to finally go to sleep in the big bed.

Gabriel soaks in the mountain air w/ cousin Terry.

The rest of the gang got to Granny and Grumps’ house late the next evening. We had planned to arrive much earlier, but packing up all the twins’ gear was a huge pain in the rear … and we still forgot stuff! Thank goodness we had at least a little down time before we had to pack it all back up again and head out on the highway. (Click the photo below to see all the Easter pics.)

Zeke hangs w/ cousin Christy on Easter Sunday.

The next day was Easter and it was an incredibly beautiful spring day. We all went to Granny and Grumps’ church, and Granny gave special thanks to the Lord for His helping to see the twins through all their challenges in utero and as preemies. It’s just so amazing to think that this time last year Gabriel and Zeke were such helpless and dependent little dudes living inside my bum placenta, and now they’re six months old and strong as can be.

Houston plays in the bed of Uncle Tommy’s truck with cousin John.

The twins got spoiled being held by all the family members who came over to celebrate Easter at “the Creek House,” and Houston had a blast hunting for Easter eggs; shadowing John-John’s every move; running up and down the driveway; checking out Terry and Rick’s trout and worm bait; picking flowers for Marley; and doing all the other cool stuff that you can do in the mountains in springtime!