February Flash

We have thoroughly been loving the springlike weather as of late.

Warm weather

After our long post-church naps this afternoon, the 3 Amigos and I played with flashlights on Liberty Loop during nightfall, while Daddy grilled hamburgers.

We tended to some much-needed yard work yesterday. I got a ton accomplished while the the kids napped: I removed the jasmine from our deck so I can have better visibility of the kids while they’re in the back yard and I’m in the kitchen, and I dug up a gorgeous bush from our weed-infested, soon-to-be demolished “amoeba garden.”

After my alone-time garden therapy, the kids helped me dig a big hole to transplant the bush, they assisted Daddy in moving the mass amounts of jasmine to our “nature pit,” and then my strong boys helped Daddy and me move riprap, which we salvaged from the yucky garden.

Houston shows off his first-ever trophy for a great season of basketball.

I finally assembled the seesaw the twins got from Santa. Maddie, our 5-year-old neighbor, has been over a couple times to teach the dudes the proper ways of seesawing. She is so helpful and loves directing the 3 Amigos. Maddie has twice led the boys in filling up buckets of broken-down compost and moving the dirt to Daddy’s veggie garden. Amazingly, Houston, Gabriel and Zeke follow her instructions to the tee and without complaint. It’s so intriguing to watch kid dynamics at work.


We’ve been away from home a bunch this month, mostly attending GMOM and Moms Club activities. The dudes and I have attended three Moms Club playgroups, which are major fun for the boys. But I’m making friends, too. In fact, I met a gal, Lorrie, who hails from my hometown and lives only about a mile away from us. She and her two daughters are heading over to the casa for a playdate tomorrow afternoon.

I’m also bonding with my fellow GMOMs. I recently went out for a moms-only dinner, and then the 3 Amigos and I attended an awesome GMOM event at BounceU.

With a little help from Mommy, Zeke strung together this bead necklace w/ his initials.

Other activities

Houston went to the circus last weekend with Daddy, Matthew, Miss Beth and Mr. Alan. I took advantage of the lighter kid load and took Gabriel and Zeke to the Children’s Museum. The twins had a blast — especially loving the life-size vehicles (fire truck, train and airplane) and feeding the chickens — and did a fine job of exhausting Mommy. Thank goodness I only took two kids.

We made a surprise trip to see Granny and Grumps earlier this month. It was originally supposed to be only Daddy and Gabriel, but we decided to throw caution to the wind and head up to the mountains with the whole posse. Granny was happily surprised.

Doctors galore 

Gramsey and Papa came to town for a visit, which freed me up to go to the hand doctor. My left wrist had been killing me for weeks and the pain reminded me of what my right wrist used to feel like prior to having surgery to remove a ganglionic cyst and repair a tear. The doc says it’s probably another cyst that has been aggravated from overuse (read: changing unwilling children’s diapers for nearly four years). I’ve been wearing a splint and taking a regimen of ibuprofen, which has helped immensely.

Using a drill on his Toby train brought Gabriel much pride & enjoyment.

The boys had a dentist appointment on Valentine’s Day. Houston, who has been the anti-doctor kid up till now, did fantastic. Gabriel and Zeke were brave for the hygienist, but were over it by the time the dentist came around. Overall, the appointment, which took both Daddy and me to handle, was a vast improvement over last time.

Zeke’s cough is back in full force. I’ve had two moms say, “That sounds exactly like an asthma cough.” And since the pediatrician and throat-specialist routes didn’t pan out, it looks like taking him to an allergist/immunologist will be our next course of action. Poor kiddo.

As far as the twins’ speech goes, they are on fire these days. So much so that Miss Pat says that once they plateau with therapy, she only needs to see them every other week. This will help stretch out the insurance-covered appointments with Miss Pat through their third birthdays.

Shenanigans are rife while the dudes are “getting cozy,” as Houston describes it.


We are now using an “If-Then” discipline chart. One column describes the naughty behavior, the next column has the corresponding Biblical verse, and the third column lists our punishment. It has been great, not only in keeping the boys in line, but also in helping me stay strong, confident and on top of things.

I also purchased a whistle, which I use when I need to get the boys’ attention while they’re being loud or when they’re far away while outside. I have a pretty loud voice, but I hated having to yell all the time. The whistle gives me more control over situations. Plus, the kids really respond to it.

Houston & Zeke experience their first taste of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.


Tonight is the fourth night that Houston has slept on his mattress in brothers’ room. These pretty successful slumber parties have been Houston’s ideas (if it was up to him, he would be sleeping in one of the cribs with a bro). But it’s good practice for when they do ultimately share a room: once the changing table is gone and we get bunk beds.

I moved Houston’s art table out to living room a few weeks back because my guess was that Gabriel would really utilize the space for his creative drawings. I was right: our little artist can often be found for long periods of time, sketching away, concentrating on his work, not (yet) drawing on anything other than paper and usually holding his crayon properly. Amazing stuff!

Click the top photo to check out pics of Houston’s final basketball game and the above photo to view the post-game celebrations. Click Zeke in his bead necklace to see all the January photos and click Gabe drilling to see a few February shots.

On the Go!

What the heck happened to January?! We have been so on the go lately that this first month of the year has just barreled by, leaving us a tad pooped, but also very happy and fulfilled.

The big news is that after having attended the monthly “socials” for Greensboro Mothers of Multiples (GMOM) and Greensboro Moms Club, I have officially joined both groups.

Houston & Gabriel tackle Granny — what a good sport!

The GMOM social was for moms only, so it was nice to get out and do something for adults — even if most of the talk was about kids. GMOM does offer plenty of occasions for the boys to make friends (i.e. play dates, group outings and the like), but it is more mom-centric, affording me opportunities to socialize solo with other gals who are fully in the same boat as me parent-wise. Should be a little cathartic and lots of fun.

Moms Club is mainly kid-oriented, featuring more frequent play groups and around-town activities. Plus, the socials are for moms and kids alike. The dudes had a blast playing with the other kids (mostly boys!) in a separate room, while I got to relax and hear a cool presentation with the other moms.

These groups will serve as wonderful outlets for the 3 Amigos and me. The kids will get to socialize, make friends and go on adventures with people their age, while I get to do the same. What a fabulous way to kick off the new year!

Zeke thoroughly enjoys getting raspberries from Gramsey.

Zeke’s cough has gotten much better due to the antibiotics the ENT specialist prescribed. The cough isn’t totally cured, but it is, thankfully, nonexistent at night. And since sleepless nights are never good for kid or parent, this is a huge improvement. The doc surmised that the cough is most likely a sinus issue and there’s not much else we can do for a 2-year-old. He did add that kids with sinus problems typically do better in the spring.

Last week, Gabriel and Zeke had a “screen” with Miss Dana, an occupational therapist (OT) colleague of Miss Pat’s. I know it sounds official, but it was just a casual meeting to discuss the twins’ propensity for clumsiness — a typical trait for preemies — and get some suggestions as to how we can help strengthen their “core” (the trunk area of the body). A sturdier, more capable core not only improves agility, but it also enhances fine motor coordination, as well as fosters increased cognitive activity.

Flirtatious Gabriel plays hard-to-get w/ Mia.

Houston’s final basketball game was last Saturday. He has come so far with the sport, making a few shots during recent games and doing a decent job of following the coach’s instruction. Since Houston showed good sportsmanship and lots of stick-to-it-ness, we celebrated the completion of basketball season by treating he and bros to their first jaunt to Krispy Kreme.

Then Sunday was a warm-weather tease. Daddy helped Houston ride his new bike for the first time; the twins got their fill of Liberty Loop, sidewalk chalk and swinging; Houston tweaked his “light saber” (read: plastic baseball bat) skills; Gabriel and Zeke practiced riding the trike and played on Miss Shawn’s bridge; and then we went on a walk/wagon ride with Maddie and Miss Ruth. And now that we’ve had this taste of spring and I’m ready for balmier temperatures, today was frigid. Oh well.

Cousin Kara teaches Houston the art of shooting silly string.

Click the top photo to see the rest of our Christmas Day fun; the shot of Gabriel and Mia for pics of our Virginia trip; and the above photo to check out our New Year’s Eve shenanigans.

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