Pilot Mountain merriment

I went to Pilot Mountain with my friend, Jacob. We went on hikes. It was like 83 degrees, and that’s pretty hot. There was a construction site near our campsite … that’s pretty weird.

Here’s Jacob & I in front of the bottom of the mountain.

We played this game when we jumped on rocks; it was really cool! There was a lake we were playing in, and I pooped in it!!! I really had to go, and the bathroom was disgusting.

When we slept, the tent was really hot, and I couldn’t go to sleep. We had these little fans, so if it got too hot, we could turn them on.

Look, there’s the construction in the background of our campsite.

We brought some toys which were Minecraft toys. We played checkers at a picnic table, and we took a photo at the top of the mountain, and my friend had a really funny face! We brought glow-sticks and played hide and seek with them in the dark.

When we were coming home, I got car sick and had to drink some Coke. I got sick because we were playing with my friend’s iPad.

Jacob & I had fun playing checkers at the picnic table & other games all around.

It was kinda cool to go somewhere without my brothers. I brought my Atlanta braves hat, so that’s cool, too. I’m really thankful because that was my first time there, and I want to go back there again.

Take-Your-Son-To-Work Day

Here I am with my dad after a hard day’s work.

On April 27, 2017, I went to work with my dad. I met all his co-workers and boss, and I think they were all really nice.

My dad showed me around and, instead of working in cubes, my dad and most all people work in pods, which is like a big cube that three or four people can work in, but then a team is made up of four or five pods. Weird. And on my dad’s friend’s team, there was a picture of his face in a tuxedo with a really serious face, which was really funny.

I went out to lunch at a place where they sell burgers and Irish food. I asked when I was looking at menu, “Where’s the corned beef?” I wanted that corned beef, but sadly, they didn’t have it, so I got a club sandwich, which was actually pretty good … but I was like, “What kind of Irish place doesn’t have corned beef?” It got the massive turkey sandwich with bacon, tons of mayo, and fries as a side.

When we returned, I met some more people and then we all got back to work. I also had to do “work,” but it wasn’t computer programing: it was school! So I did my work for quite a really long time. I read some of my book, did Explode the Code, did my PreScripts, and a lot of Duolingo.

People were always asking me if I was helping my dad with work and I said, “Yes, I’m helping him by encouraging him.” Oh yeah, and at lunch they were talking about “Uncle Greg.” So, we texted him to see if we could come and “check out his cube.” But he was on meeting. We texted him first at about noon and we went up at like 4. Then we finally left.

There was a bridge connecting the old building and the new building, and we had to walk across it to get to where Greg worked. We went across only to find eight elevators, and we decided to just choose one. At first we didn’t know what floor he was on, so we just went to floor 12. The ride to floor 12 was crazy because the floor we were on before was all the way down on the third floor.

We came out of the elevator after only like three seconds in it, but we couldn’t find anything besides salesmen! So we went down a floor and we found the cube (finally)! Greg had pretty nice view of downtown out of a nearby window. We hung out up there for a while, and then we came back to the third floor. I packed up my school stuff and my dad finished up his work and then we left.

It was cool to see what my dad does every day. THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’re still here, I promise!

Hey, it’s been since November since the last blog. Sorry about that, all you Clan Dillingham fans, but I’ve launched my own personal political blog, and that has taken up all my spare time, in addition to homeschooling, holidays, church, vacation, baseball, field trips, doc appointments, housework, yard work, and much-needed downtime, of course.

Anyway, I’ve decided that I want to try to keep this blog alive, so I’m passing the torch to the kids. My goal is to have them publish one or two blogs a month about our happenings and any special event they may want to write about.

So, here we go. Wish us luck … we may need it!