Baseball in Baltimore

Here we are with our good friend at the famous Camden Yards, getting ready to see our first major-league baseball game.

We traveled to Baltimore, Maryland for two major league baseball games. Before we went to these two games, there was already another game on Friday night that was Houston Astros vs. Baltimore Orioles, and the Astros won it. It was 6 hours to get there, and when we got to our hotel room, we had a great view of Baltimore.

The view from our 24th-floor hotel room.

That night, we walked to the game with our friends, but it got rain delayed, so they had to start the game late. It was still Houston vs. Baltimore, and we were going for the Astros. The Astros were visiting, so they got to bat first.

Watching the Astros warm up before the big game!

It was the 5th inning and still neither team had scored any points. But then the Astros hit a home run and the Orioles hit two home runs in a row. The Orioles had 4 points and the Astros had 1. Then the Astros hit a 3-point home run. The Astros ended up wining it 8-4! We went to our hotel room, and we saw people throwing down newspaper boxes in the road.

What a cool view of the field!

We saw one more game, but this one was the next afternoon. Our friends only came for the last part. The Astros hit two 2-point home runs in the 3rd. The Astros had 4 and the Orioles had 0, but then the Orioles came back and won.

There were pictures all over the park of what the Oriole has looked like over the years. We thought this one was funny because he seemed so angry!

I would like to thank my parents for taking me to Baltimore, especially my Dad who got us Astros jerseys and hat, and bought us tickets. We had a really fun time and had a lot of new experiences!

My cat Stanley

Stanley liked to lie down and stretch in the sun.

My cat, Stanley, was a big, fat, orange tabby, and he was really heavy. Stanley was quite hilarious, but sometimes he bit people.

My favorite memory about him was that he was always hysterical and made me laugh. One time my friend, Bret, was over and his sister, Bella, was like “Awww, look how cute!” He started hissing and then he scratched her.

Stanley would fold laundry with us and we would laugh at him. Sometimes my Mom would put underwear capes on him!

He fought with the neighbor’s cat, Wyatt, one time. We came out and there was hair everywhere because they brawled really badly. When we made puzzles, he always peed on them, and that was sad.

His nicknames were “Stuges,” “Stan Geed-Veh” and “Shrooms” … it was really amusing. He would always rub his tail on us. He was actually older than us. He died when he was 15.

This is Stanley in our stroller in 2010.

My mom told me that Stanley used to bring some “gifts” inside the house. Daddy said that when I was little or maybe before I was born, Stanley brought in a bunny head and left it in the hallway. I would be screaming if I saw that. And there was a bird inside flying around one time that he had brought in.

Here’s Stanley with a smug face walking away from Wyatt, his enemy!

Stanley died in January 2017, and we were all unhappy. I loved him because he was funny and adorable. But, he did scratch me a lot.

Camping & birthday party

About a month ago, I went camping for my birthday at Stone Mountain. Now this was no ordinary vacation; it was an insane vacation. There was constant screeching, screaming, and squealing of people. But hey, I’m not saying I didn’t do it.

But there was some fun involved, along with the fatigue and hard work of my parents. An example: there was something like a mini sliding rock that was actually pretty darn exciting, but I did cut up my whole lower body while going down it. Another example: hiking was epic.

Here’s the crew at Hutchinson Homestead.

So now I can get to the actual camping “adventure.” The first day was really just unpacking and getting prepared for the craziness to come. The second day, on the hike we visited the “homestead,” which was really cool. It had a bunch of buildings, including: an outhouse, lodge, meat cellar, and storage shed with an anvil and other equipment within its rugged old walls. (BTW, most everything in the “homestead” was real like around 100-year-old stuff, so that was really interesting.)

In the back of the residence, there was a giant “stone mountain.” I’m guessing that’s why they named the place Stone Mountain. So then we continued with the hike. The hike was long, about three miles, but when we finally reached the end, a 200-foot waterfall awaited our hiking victory. We didn’t swim because we still had to hike back, but we just “walked” in the water which was strange.

So we got back, we got on our swim gear and headed for the mini sliding rock. We finally arrived at our destination and slid and slid and slid until………….DUN DUN DUN….I got in big trouble, so here’s the story folks. I was told (by my parents) not to go in the swimming pit above the rock, but I didn’t go until a little later.

But then Asher (one of the people I went with) was calling me from the pit, so I started up, then I was being called out of the pit and came out and I was in big ol’ trouble. By the end of the weekend, we had lost about the month’s worth of video games! That concludes the getting-in-trouble story.

Having big fun at Widow’s Creek Falls.

We left and went back to the campsite and had a fire, (like usual) and went to bed. That ends day two.

Now for the last day: Day three. We packed up and left, but this is not the end. We were driving home and we took a wrong turn after leaving the campsite. We couldn’t have GPS because there were no bars on our phone, and we were taking wrong turns all over the place. We ended up wasting an hour even before we started on the right path to home, and then there were slow people at the Sheetz, too. So long drive home, ain’t it?

We finally arrived home and we stared unpacking, putting stuff in the shed, and just putting some of our gear inside. We didn’t finish unpacking until the next day, but we got most of it done. The day was over, and our camping trip had come to an end.

I’m grateful that my parents take us camping, even though there are some bad moments. But on the other hand, there are quite a lot of good moments, too!

The next day awaited. OK, so it was the next day and the day of my 10th birthday … YAY! I woke up at about 7:00 and started playing some video games which some were: Minecraft, Halo, and Forza Horizon. (Despite the ban, my kind father let me play because it was my birthday.)

Now we ate breakfast, but there was some angst which included: Zeke getting his butt whipped, crying, and screaming. The rest of the afternoon was spent decorating and getting food all ready for the party.

Around 1:00, we ate lunch and about at 1:30 my grandmother arrived. She bought me a new video game (Halo 1 also known as Halo CE Anniversary, which is basically like Halo CE and Halo Reach together one game) as a birthday present. After lunch, we tried it out. It was really awesome.

Getting some nice birthday gifts from my friends.

After that it was just a matter of time before the big party started around 5:00, and ended around like 9:00 or 9:30 (I can’t really remember). Earlier in the day, we had set up a badminton net and some sort of shooting station where we shot the BB gun and the bow and arrow.

After a while, we did cake and presents, which, by the way, I got some good loot. This included: a Nerf rival rifle, Clue the board game, an emoji frisbe and much more. The party ended and everybody went home, except for my friends that were spending the night: Brodie and Bret. We stayed up until about … I can’t remember … but I think it was around 2:30 or 3:00 playing video games and watching movies.

The next day we woke up at 8:00 and played some more video games and then went outside for a little bit shooting Nerf guns, the BB gun, and the bow and arrow, and then went inside again (playing some more Halo). After that my friends left and my birthday party and camping trip adventure had finally come to a close. I would like to thank my parents for throwing me a cool birthday party.

Goodbye everyone! Thanks for reading!