The boys get “persuasive”

Quite the persuasive presentation, wouldn’t you say?!

The 3 Amigos wanted to buy a new Xbox One, so I encouraged them to try to convince Daddy to the merits of their grand plan through the power of the written word. Here’s what they came up with … and by the way, it worked!


How do you do, Daddy? We wanted to convince you to let us get the Xbox One. Mommy said it’s called persuasive writing. Here are some reasons we have prepared. 

We have enough money to buy the console and some of its accessories with our own money from cash we’ve earned for chores or that has been given to us as a gift. You won’t have to buy a new blu-ray player either because it already has one programmed into it. If you do allow us to buy it, we will still have some spare money for other things.

You can go look at the behavior grades in the bedroom and see that we’ve been pretty good lately. We promise that we will use the Fruits of the Holy Spirt to maintain self-control when playing it, so there will be lots of fun and no fighting!

Also, if the old Xbox 360 breaks, you won’t have to pay for a new one. We’ll already have a backup. Plus, we can play old Xbox 360 games as well as new ones on this one console. I think you too will find some joy in this system. We look forward to hopefully playing with you soon.

Your loving and mature sons,
Houston, Gabriel & Zeke