Dangerous Distractions

A picture of the ancient and huge Circus Maximus.

By Zeke
November 18 2018

Judah, who was excited, was finally going to the Circus Maximus. He had been been waiting all his life because he always wanted to watch and ride in a chariot, so he sprinted toward the stadium while his parents trailed behind. In the packed arena, he suspiciously got lost into the crowd on purpose to try to steal a horse. His parents could not find him and they were worried. This was unfortunate since the family had been looking forward to it for a long time.

Judah, who was mischievous, tried to sneakily steal a super-fast horse because it was his dream to race. Inside the stable, Judah successfully got a horse, even though his parents told him he wasn’t allowed to race. The race started and he heard animals hooves trampling thunderously like the mighty wind as they zoomed by.

The young boy’s fearful parents saw him and were shocked! A burly man whipped Judah’s horse propelling the boy out of the back. As the crowd screamed, the man laughed and Judah knew he shouldn’t have misbehaved. He swiftly pushed himself up, but while he got up, an injurious horse ran over his back. The man who caused the injury was distracted and lost the race. Afterward, Judah’s parents were mortified and dragged him outside of Circus Maximus. The man who hurt Judah yelled, “I lost because your stupid son distracted me!” Judah’s irate dad punched the man, and they rushed to the hospital.