Egypt’s Odd Couple

January 8, 2020
By Zeke

It was a humid day on the banks of the Nile River in Egypt. As the papyrus swayed back and forth, Croc, an enormous crocodile, spotted Croak, a mere toad. Croc was extremely hungry, so he grabbed Croak. The terrified toad was trembling at the sight of the vicious crocodile.

“Please spare me!” Croak pleaded. “If you do, I will surely help you some day.” Croc laughed at the thought of a weak toad assisting him, a strong crocodile. Interested, Croc accepted.

Weeks later, Croak heard wailing and moaning in the papyrus, so he hopped to take a look. As Croak peeked through the thicket, he could see the pathetic Croc, who had a chipped tooth. Croak, who had made a promise, lassoed the tooth with his slimy tongue, pulled with all his might, and out it flew! The odd couple became best friends.