Alternate War in Europe: Part 1 (1949-1950)

Alternate War in Europe: Part 1 (1949-1950) – YouTube

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This video is an alternate history of Europe from 1949 to 1950. WWII began in 1939 with the German conquest of Poland and subsequent Invasion of France in 1940. After defeating France, Germany started a campaign against Britain and France’s colonial empires in Africa, before beginning to plan an invasion of the British Isles. It was a bloody offensive, but the United Kingdom surrendered to the Axis is early 1946.

After the war Germany went about eliminating neutral countries on the European Continent. First forcing Spain to join the Axis Alliance, then invading Portugal and setting up a puppet regime. Germany signed a pact with Ireland allowing the country to annex Northern Ireland, if they eliminated British forces there.

In the east, the Soviet Union had been expanding their influence in the Middle East, occupying British Iran and French Syria during the chaos of the Second World War. They also supported a revolutionary group in Turkey which overthrew the Republic of Turkey in 1948 and began funding the People’s Liberation Front in Saudi Arabia, which would rebel against the unpopular Sultannate in April 1949 leading to this alternate European war.