Pilot Mountain merriment

I went to Pilot Mountain with my friend, Jacob. We went on hikes. It was like 83 degrees, and that’s pretty hot. There was a construction site near our campsite … that’s pretty weird.

Here’s Jacob & I in front of the bottom of the mountain.

We played this game when we jumped on rocks; it was really cool! There was a lake we were playing in, and I pooped in it!!! I really had to go, and the bathroom was disgusting.

When we slept, the tent was really hot, and I couldn’t go to sleep. We had these little fans, so if it got too hot, we could turn them on.

Look, there’s the construction in the background of our campsite.

We brought some toys which were Minecraft toys. We played checkers at a picnic table, and we took a photo at the top of the mountain, and my friend had a really funny face! We brought glow-sticks and played hide and seek with them in the dark.

When we were coming home, I got car sick and had to drink some Coke. I got sick because we were playing with my friend’s iPad.

Jacob & I had fun playing checkers at the picnic table & other games all around.

It was kinda cool to go somewhere without my brothers. I brought my Atlanta braves hat, so that’s cool, too. I’m really thankful because that was my first time there, and I want to go back there again.

2 thoughts on “Pilot Mountain merriment

  1. Papa and I enjoyed your blog very much. We were a little concerned about you pooping in the lake! How disgusting! The rest of the time you really seemed to be having a good time. That makes us very happy!

    Love, Gramsey and Papa

  2. Well written Master Gabe. Sounds like you and Jacob really had a blast! Sure wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see all the things you didn’t tell about.

    Love you


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