Baseball in Baltimore

Here we are with our good friend at the famous Camden Yards, getting ready to see our first major-league baseball game.

We traveled to Baltimore, Maryland for two major league baseball games. Before we went to these two games, there was already another game on Friday night that was Houston Astros vs. Baltimore Orioles, and the Astros won it. It was 6 hours to get there, and when we got to our hotel room, we had a great view of Baltimore.

The view from our 24th-floor hotel room.

That night, we walked to the game with our friends, but it got rain delayed, so they had to start the game late. It was still Houston vs. Baltimore, and we were going for the Astros. The Astros were visiting, so they got to bat first.

Watching the Astros warm up before the big game!

It was the 5th inning and still neither team had scored any points. But then the Astros hit a home run and the Orioles hit two home runs in a row. The Orioles had 4 points and the Astros had 1. Then the Astros hit a 3-point home run. The Astros ended up wining it 8-4! We went to our hotel room, and we saw people throwing down newspaper boxes in the road.

What a cool view of the field!

We saw one more game, but this one was the next afternoon. Our friends only came for the last part. The Astros hit two 2-point home runs in the 3rd. The Astros had 4 and the Orioles had 0, but then the Orioles came back and won.

There were pictures all over the park of what the Oriole has looked like over the years. We thought this one was funny because he seemed so angry!

I would like to thank my parents for taking me to Baltimore, especially my Dad who got us Astros jerseys and hat, and bought us tickets. We had a really fun time and had a lot of new experiences!

2 thoughts on “Baseball in Baltimore

  1. Wow! You did have a great view. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. You do have great parents and it’s nice that you realize that. I know baseball means a lot to you and your brothers. Did you get to see much of Baltimore? Papa and I used to go there a lot because the corporate office for Unilever was there and that was who he worked for.
    Your writing is very nice.
    As I write this I saw on facebook that you are all in Lexington, VA. You DO have great parents!
    Thank you and your brothers for keeping me and Papa posted on all of the activities of Clan Dillingham.
    Love you so much, Gramsey

  2. Zeke, what a great adventure! You made me feel that I was there with you. Sounds like everyone really had fun. So glad you and your brothers and friend had such a epic time!

    Love you


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