Gold Leaf Farms

Gold Leaf Farms
By Gabriel

My brothers and I went to a farm called Gold Leaf Farms in Kernersville. We got to paint a pony that was gray and make it blue and purple!

We picked up ducklings that were very wet and smelly, made crafts out of beads, and rode a horse. There was also a pig and a cow, but they weren’t very interesting.

There was a really skinny horse that was Amish. He was so thin because he hadn’t been well fed by the people who owned him before, but this farm was trying to take good care of him now. We went on this trip with our CC friends and saw a farm cat, too.

Now, I’m going to tell some horse facts:

  • A pony is not a baby horse; it is a fully grown small horse.
  • A dam is the word used for the mother of a horse.
  • A sire is the word used for the father of a horse.
  • Horses belong to the Equus family.
  • Equus comes from the Greek word meaning quickness.
  • Horses are mammals in the same family as zebras, mules, and donkeys.
  • Horses love to eat short, juicy grass.
  • They also eat hay, especially in the winter or when they stay in a stall.
  • Extra high energy food such as barley, oats, corn or bran are good for working horses.
  • Horses have small stomachs for their size and need to eat little and often.
  • If they are in a field, horses will graze for most of the day
  • An average life span for a horse is around 20-25 years, although they can live up to 30 years or more.

1 thought on “Gold Leaf Farms

  1. Looks like a lot of fun! And you certainly learned a lot of facts. You looked great riding that horse. Did you enjoy that? Sorry you didn’t enjoy the pig and cow. The cow I can understand but, the pig? I find pigs to be very interesting. However, when I lived at home in Varina one of my jobs before going to school was to feed the pigs. I guess I don’t have to tell you they are very sloppy eaters. We actually called it “slopping the pigs”, not feeding the pigs. I think that was a very good term for it. Pigs actually have a high IQ. Keep up the good work with your blogs. Papa and I enjoy them so much. Love you, Grams and Papa

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