The Thankful Israelites

Moses parting the Red Sea.

By Ezekiel Dillingham
October 8, 2018

Moses and more than one million Israelites were leaving Egypt where they had been slaves. The radiant desert sun battered down on them, but they were joyous because they were free from 400 years of bondage. The people loudly sang and danced, and the sound of tambourines could heard from miles away. Even though the journey was arduous, the Hebrews gleefully celebrated since they were headed to the promised land, which would be their new home.   

Just then the Israelites heard horses’ hooves trampling and they shockingly realized pharaoh’s ruthless army was behind them. They were petrified! The weary travelers gazed ahead and there lay the Red Sea. The people chided Moses and exclaimed, “Did you take us here to die?!” But Moses stated, “Fear not. Stand still and be stunned by the salvation of the Lord, which He shall show you today.” He lifted up his rod because he knew God was with him. The waters parted and Moses told them to walk through open-up path of humongous waves. “Are you sure we should do this?” one man asked. Another person shrieked, “We’re all going to drown if we listen to your bad advice, Moses!” However, Israelites obeyed him, and they cautiously continued on foot, carefully making it to the other side.

Pharaoh and his men, who were irate, tried to quickly go across, but Moses wiggled his rod. He vibrated it, the waves zoomed down, and the salty sea swept away the Egyptians. The Israelites thankfully bowed down to God because they were saved.

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