The Foolish Disciple

February 7, 2020

Should Edmund have followed the White Witch in the book, “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe?” No, it was not a wise decision because she was against the righteous lion, Aslan, she was cruel to Edmund and the other creatures who surrounded her, and she had dark magic and a treacherous spear.

The White Witch was an enemy of Aslan. The noble lion was benevolent while the Witch, who claimed she was queen of Narnia, was a corrupt ruler. During his time at the Beavers’ house, Edmund had been told that the pale woman was evil and that Aslan was the savior of the kingdom.

Another reason Edmund shouldn’t have obeyed the Witch is that she was sour. Not only was she cruel to him, but she was also nasty to the other oppressed souls. For example, the dwarf was a follower of hers but was mistreated even though he was loyal to her. She also ordered the dwarf to ruthlessly beat Edmund if he tripped in the snow.

Because the Witch was dangerous and diabolical, the self-centered adolescent was obtuse in his judgment. She was a witch, so not only did she have the power to cast spells, such as turning living things into stone like when he witnessed some animals having a feast and being eternally frozen into rock just because they had gotten food from Father Christmas. The creatures in the courtyard also suffered the same horrible fate. Plus, when Edmund first met her, she held a threatening spear. 

Edmund should not have joined the Witch since she hated Aslan, the savior of Narnia, she was mean to him and the other animals, and she had occult abilities and a sharp weapon. Edmund was a fool to become a disciple of this wretched, woman-like beast.

3 thoughts on “The Foolish Disciple

  1. Why did Edmund follow the White Witch when she was mean to him? The same question could be asked about the dwarf. Edmund must have been besotted with her abilities such as her abilities to cast spells.
    You are right. Edmund was a fool!
    Thanks for sharing your post with me.
    Love ❤️ Gramsey & Papa

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