WW1 Stats

I’m not sure what the words at the bottom mean exactly, but I think it’s translates to “A will of iron, to rule with a rod of iron.”

This is a brief paper telling the stats of all main countries in the Great War.

Main Central Powers countries: Germany, Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary, and Bulgaria.


Side: Central Powers

Years Involved: 1914-1918

Leader(s): Wilhelm II

Military Deaths: Around 2.5M

Civilian Deaths: Around 524,000

Main Rifle: Mauser M1898 

Main Sidearm: Mauser C96

Main LMG(or SMG): Bergmann M1918

Conquered, and when: Yes, 1918

Ottoman Empire

Side: Central Powers

Years Involved: 1914-1918

Leader(s): Ismail Enver Pasha

Military Deaths: Around 771,841

Civilian Deaths: Around 1.2M

Main Rifle: Berthier M1890 

Main Sidearm: Luger P08

Main LMG(or SMG): MG 08

Conquered, and when: Yes, 1918


Side: Central Powers

Years Involved: 1914-1918

Leader(s): Franz Joseph

Military Deaths: Around 1.2M

Civilian Deaths: Around 467,000

Main Rifle: Steyr Mannlicher M1895

Main Sidearm: Roth Steyr

Main LMG(or SMG): Hotchkiss M1909

Conquered, and when: Yes, 1918


Side: Central Powers

Years Involved: 1915-1918

Leader(s): Vasil Radoslavov

Military Deaths: Around 87,500

Civilian Deaths: Around 100,000

Main Rifle: Mauser M1898

Main Sidearm: Frommer Stop

Main LMG(or SMG): Madsen M1907

Conquered, and when: Yes, 1918

Main Allied Countries: United Kingdom, France, United States, Russia, Italy, Serbia.

United Kingdom

Side: Allies 

Years Involved: 1914-1918

Leader(s): Lloyd George

Military Deaths: Around 886,000

Civilian Deaths: Around 109,000

Main Rifle: M1903

Main Sidearm: Webley MK V1

Main LMG(or SMG): Lewis M1914

Conquered, and when: No


Side: Allies

Years Involved: 1914-1918

Leader(s): Georges Clemenceau

Military Deaths: Around 1.3M 

Civilian Deaths: Around 40,000

Main Rifle: Lebel M1886

Main Sidearm: Pistolet Automatique

Main LMG(or SMG): Chauchat M1915

Conquered, and when: No

United States

Side: Allies

Years Involved: 1917-1918

Leader(s): Woodrow Wilson

Military Deaths: Around 116,000

Civilian Deaths: Around 788

Main Rifle: Springfield M1898

Main Sidearm: Colt M1911

Main LMG(or SMG): Benet Machine Gun M1909

Conquered, and when: No


Russian Empire | History, Facts, & Map | Britannica

Side: Allies 

Years Involved: 1914-1917

Leader(s): Nicholas II

Military Deaths: Around 2.2M

Civilian Deaths: Around 730,000

Main Rifle: Mosin-Nagant M1891

Main Sidearm: Revolver Nagant

Main LMG(or SMG): Fedorov Avtomat M1915

Conquered, and when: Yes, 1917 (by Bolsheviks)


Side: Allies

Years Involved: 1915-1918

Leader(s): Vittorio Emanuele Orlando

Military Deaths: Around 650,000

Civilian Deaths: Around 589,000

Main Rifle: Carcano M1891

Main Sidearm: Glisenti M1910

Main LMG(or SMG): Villar Perosa M1915

Conquered, and when: No


Side: Allies 

Years Involved: 1914-1915

Leader(s): Nikola Pasic

Military Deaths: Around 300,000

Civilian Deaths: Around 450,000

Main Rifle: Serbian Mauser M1889

Main Sidearm: Chamelot-Delvigne M1873

Main LMG(or SMG): Chauchat M1915

Conquered, and when: Yes, 1915 (was liberated only until Treaty of Versailles, in 1918 became part of Yugoslavia)

This concludes my WW1 Stats paper, but here are a few paragraphs on Serbia in WW1. After Allied Troops Landed there in 1918, they occupied it and let it become a free country only until the Treaty of Versailles. In 1916, the remaining Serbian troops retreated to Greece, and some fled to Albania. French troops finally made a breakthrough in the Vardar Offensive in 1918 and pushed the Austro-Hungarian and German Troops Back, forcing them to withdraw.

The collapse of the Macedonian Front meant that the road from Vienna to Budapest was now opened for the 670,000-strong army of General Franchet d’Esperey as the Bulgarian surrender deprived the Central Powers of 270 Battalions and 1,500 guns that were previously holding the line. The French, British, and Greek Armies completely pushed the Central Powers out of the Balkans.

After the Allied victory, Serbia was given independence, but only until the Treaty of Versailles. After the Treaty, Serbia, along with other Balkan states, were combined into the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, which eventually became Communist in 1946.

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