Abnormal and Awesome


Abnormal, and also awesome at the same time, these animals are the only egg-laying mammals. So strange, that when Europeans first saw pictures of these weird creatures, they thought it was fake. Like a vicious Viper, the Platypus has venomous spurs under his heels. These webbed-footed mammals live in and out of water and are cousins to maybe an even odder beast. The Echidna, which looks like a porcupine with a beek, has spikes and a sticky and long tongue which they use to collect insects. They may be bizarre but they are great and awesome animals. 

Big, Bulky Cat

Dangerous of Wild Animals: Jaguar
A baby Jaguar.

Big. Bad. Strong. The Jaguar is the third largest cat in the world behind the lion and the tiger. Jaguars live in Northern South America, parts of Central America and Mexico, and they used to inhabit parts of the American Southwest. Like a monster, the Jaguar has the bite strength to crush bones, skulls, and thick shells. 6% of all Jaguars are Black Panthers or Black Jaguars. During the time of the ancient Chavin civilization in modern-day Peru, Jaguars were thought of as sacred animals and during some ceremonies people wore Jaguar skins. In Olmec culture the “were-Jaguar” was a common motif and in Mayan culture the Jaguar was believed to be able to help communication between the living and the dead. The Jaguar is a beautiful, big, bulky cat. 

Blood-Thirsty Bears

Kodiak Bear

October 8, 2020
By Zeke 

Stalking Stoutly. Running Swiftly. Tearing flesh. Bears are large carnivores Mammals with shaggy hair, long snouts, and stubby tails. The Largest Bear (not counting the Polar Bear), is The Kodiak Bear. This Alaskian giant is only found on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Like the swarthy sky on a stormy night, Black Bears are darker than brown bears and are less aggressive, sometimes even being scared of humans. They live in most of North America, and there are lots of different types of these dark creatures. Brown Bears live in Russia, Europe, Central Asia, and Canada. They are the most common type of bear in the world. Grizzly Bears are a type of Brown Bear that dwell in the Western United States and Canada. They are one the most aggressive Bears. Hugh Glass, a Frontiersmen, was left for dead by his companies in the Wyoming Wilderness and grusemously mauled by a Grizzly Bear, but he miraculously survived, killing the Bear. These Blood-thirsty Bears are better to be left alone.